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There are no words to express the grief we feel for every precious life that has been lost to the escalating violence we are witnessing in Palestine and Israel. 

As a journal of organizing strategy and practice for organizers, The Forge has an important role to play in crisis moments such as this one: strengthening the work of organizers by helping them to make sense of the moment and learn lessons from it.  As such, The Forge has recruited two special co-editors, Ramah Kudaimi and Sandra Tamari, to support us to publish content on Palestine/Israel that is relevant, nuanced, and that centers organizers and organizing.

To better understand the work moving to transform this violence and build a more just world, please find below the entirety of The Forge’s published content of organizing articles — past, present, and future — on Palestine and Israel.



Miski Noor, Publisher



The Forge is a publication; the views expressed in the pieces we publish do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the journal, and the presence of an article on the site does not constitute an endorsement by The Forge. Articles have been published and made available for educational purposes, to foster dialogue, and to strengthen organizing work in real time.

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