“Building the Front, Strengthening Our Movements” will bring together four notable movement leaders whose work spans geographies and sectors: Maurice Mitchell from the Working Families Party; Alexa Horwart from ISAIAH MN; Sendolo Diaminah from the Carolina Federation, and Brendan Walsh from Worker Power AZ. Each panelist has a wealth of experience with both electoral mobilizations and longer-term power-building. Their combined work represents multi-racial community, labor, and faith-based organizing.

In the opening months of 2023, we’ve already seen what GOP control of the US House and 22 state governments can bring. Hard, smart work in the midterms bought us a pause to gather our collective wisdom before the onslaught of 2024—but we can’t waste the time. These panelists will bring their thinking and real-world experience to bear on many of the key strategic questions we need to answer: How do we work with centrist forces in a broad front to defeat the Right, and navigate the tensions that entails? What are the obstacles to building greater alignment among progressive/Left forces, and how can we address them? What recent advances can we build on, and how do we stay motivated for the long haul?

This conversation will be co-moderated by Hashim Benford and Priya Johnson from the Grassroots Power Project.

This event is co-sponsored by Convergence and The Forge. Mark your calendars for “Building the Front, Strengthening Our Movements,” happening March 9 at 7 pm ET/ 6 pm CT/ 4 pm PT.


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