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How We Rebuilt the Young Democratic Socialists

Palestine and Israel

Stephen Melkisethian

Intro: Palestine and the US

We’ve come together to help people understand what’s happening in Gaza from an organizing perspective, and we will be sharing our perspectives while also sharing many points of view throughout the issue and we hope that you engage. This issue is important to many of us, and we intend to create space accessible to a variety of organizers for nuanced reflection and debate that pushes readers past fear and isolation, and towards true solidarity.

Gaza is Palestine, Dismantle Zionism, and Palestine Will Free Us All

Three opening pieces from our special co-editors: Sandra Tamari, Morgan Bassichis, and Ramah Kudaimi. They present context, history, and a resounding commitment to liberation for Palestine.

Building Resilient Organizations

Never Again Action

The Ten Components of Good Strategy

Never Again Action’s Serena Adlerstein proposes a framework for understanding strategy that aims to give organizers what they need to build more resilient, and effective, organizations.

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How (Not) to Dismantle White Supremacy

Is the fixation on naming "white supremacy culture"  overtaking the fight against white supremacy? 


Painted by Juana Alicia and Mike Konopacki

Something Old, Something New: The Arc of Organizational Resilience

Kim Fellner draws on her experience with the National Organizers Alliance to look at the persistence—and shifts—of the challenges movement organizations face.

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Building Better Leadership Pipelines

In “Building Resilient Organizations,” Maurice Mitchell articulates what many in the professional left have felt but are afraid to say; the once-stable ground of our movement has turned into a space with rising tensions, organizational infighting, and proxy wars that have undermined our ability to be effective.

Courtesy of the Working Families Party

Building Resilient Organizations

Toward Joy and Durable Power in a Time of Crisis

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