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Organizing Strategy and Practice

Organizing in Rural America

Organizing in Rural America

This issue tells the stories of the diverse and inspiring organizing taking place in rural communities across the country. From West Virginia to Utah, from main street to mobile home courts, we’ll hear how organizing in small towns works and how leaders and organizers sustain themselves. 

Photo by Spencer Davis

Organizing Rural Manufacturing Workers Matters

Organizing campaigns that focus on rural manufacturing workers can play an important role in tackling economic inequality, systemic racism, and gender inequality — and sow the seeds of significant social and political change. 

Image courtesy of Voces de la Frontera

La Tierra del Queso

Voces de la Frontera has consistently organized mass protests and community-wide strikes to defeat state and local policy threats to immigrant rights. We’ve also begun making inroads into rural organizing — building collective power that we’re now using to flip Wisconsin in the upcoming elections.

West Virginia Teachers Organizing for the Common Good

 “If you want something done, you organize the workers with you. You don't wait on somebody else to do it for you.”

Images courtesy of the authors

Indivisible Rural Resistance: Stories from the Field

Indivisible’s rural group leaders organize in some of the most remote and difficult places in the United States. This piece honors their resilience, grit, and ingenuity.

We Have to Talk About Race in Rural America

Four rural organizers on their campaigns to mobilize a base of multiracial voters and change the narrative about race and government in rural America

Photo courtesy of Phyllis Hill

Black Women of the South: Organizing for Power and Change

Black women in the South are envisioning a new future for the region and organizing to make this vision a reality. In this conversation, Black women leaders describe organizing in 2020, the barriers to building power for Black communities in the South, and how they sustain themselves in this difficult work.

Progressives Should Be Targeting Rural America

Elections can be won at the margins; progressive movements and campaigns would do well to invest in rural America.

We Need Small Businesses to Build an Equitable Economy

Progressives who are serious about countering corporate concentration and advancing racial and gender justice should embrace small business owners as partners in the fight for a more just economy.

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