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Bargaining for the Common Good

A Call to Action in This Moment

There are moments in history when the world teeters on a razor’s edge - we believe we are in such a moment. We must use the current and upcoming fights to transform our world and Bargaining for the Common Good (BCG) is an essential tool in that effort.

Bargaining for the Common Good

Introduction to Bargaining for the Common Good

Bargaining for the Common Good is a recent phenomenon with deep roots in U.S. labor history. If we are to emerge from this crisis with a more equitable nation, we must reinvent collective bargaining to meet the demands of our time

Bargaining for the Common Good as Racial Justice

Leaders call for traditional labor, newer worker organizations and the broader racial justice movement to target the real decision makers in both the public and private sectors that have a vested interest in keeping racial inequities in place.

We Want Bread and Housing Too: Bargaining for the Common Good an Intersectional Feminist Strategy

Bargaining for the Common Good is a feminist intersectional strategy, part of the “Bread and Roses” historical legacy, rejecting the divide between home and work, between community and labor. 


Going Up the Money Tree

Our economy and democracy have been hijacked - going up the money tree, an essential piece of Bargaining for the Common Good, helps us identify our true overlords so that we can force them to get out of our way.

Bargaining for Climate Justice

Bargaining for the Common Good is an important tool as we pave the road to building the just, equitable, and sustainable economy we all need and deserve.

We Fight Back to Thrive, not Survive: Bargaining for the Common Good in Puerto Rico

In the face of disaster, Puerto Rican movement leaders share what they have learned using Bargaining for the Common Good, forging bridges between communities and unions to ensure that their people thrive.


Luchamos para vencer, no para sobrevivir: negociamos por el bien común en Puerto Rico

Ante el desastre, líderes puertorriqueños del movimiento comparten lo que han aprendido usando la Negociación por el Bien Común, forjando puentes entre comunidades y sindicatos en el camino para asegurar que la gente prospere.

Transforming Higher Education in this Moment: Uniting to Bargain for the Common Good

We must use this crisis moment to refortify shared governance models on Higher Education campuses and ensure that bargaining includes all of those impacted

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