What makes a megacorporation a megacorporation? And what will organizing against the megacorporations of the 21st century require of us? A group of seasoned community and labor organizers met in the fall of 2021 to grapple with these questions. This special issue of The Forge is a reflection of some of our thinking — as well as an invitation to join us in the conversation. 

We welcome submissions from organizers, policymakers, journalists, academics, and community members — indeed, everyone with a stake in organizing Amazon and other mega-corporations — for articles, proposed roundtables, or interviews responding to the key questions and provocations laid out in this issue.

Responses should be submitted to The Forge editor, Lindsay Zafir, at lzafir@forgeorganizing.org, and will be accepted on a rolling basis. For more information on The Forge submission guidelines, please visit https://forgeorganizing.org/submission-guidelines.


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