Collaborative governance, or co-governance, refers to a broad range of practices that elected officials, community leaders, bureaucrats, and organizers are adopting as they figure out how to govern together. Going beyond demands, co-governance represents a willing shift of power and trust among two typically adversarial parties. Instead of representatives and those represented on either side of a line, both see themselves as partners working together to build the world we want to live in. 

On December 15, Philadelphia City Council Member Helen Gym, former Gainesville City Commissioner Gail Johnson, State Innovation Exchange Co-Executive Director Jessie Ulibarri, and Texas Organizing Project Strategy Director Crystal Zermeno joined New America's Hollie Russon Gilman and Local Progress's Sarah Johnson to discuss best practices, identify promising strategies, and highlight lessons from their on-the-ground experiences with co-governance in the U.S. The conversation moves beyond the dichotomy of "inside" and "outside" power to how those in government can share decision-making with movement partners. 



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