Last year, Training for Change wrapped up a 13-episode podcast season, Craft of Campaigns, featuring stories and lessons from issue-based action campaigns. They received overwhelmingly positive feedback from listeners who said the podcast helped them refine their strategy, train their base, and think bigger about their campaign demands.

Now they’re back for Season 2, where you’ll hear from campaigners who took on the ruling class in D.C. to win protections for janitors, challenged corporations who were bankrolling far-right election deniers in Michigan, and got one of the nation’s largest banks to stop funding mountaintop removal coal mining -- and more campaign stories from around the country. Each episode explores one campaign for key lessons, principles, and practices for organizers today.

Check out our trailer and subscribe today. Their first episode will drop February 27th, covering the #NoCopAcademy campaign in Chicago.

Check back on this issue to check out writeups that introduce and capture each episode released by Training for Change.


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