As organizers, we know that art and culture are vital elements of movement work. But while it’s easy to have a poet perform at an action or have a friend’s band play a campaign fundraiser, there’s so much space for deeper, more intentional skill-sharing, community-building, and growth when we lean into our creativity. This workshop will help organizers develop a more creative approach to the written elements of their work, exploring questions like: How can our values and principles be translated into images and stories? What is the difference between words people like and words that move people (whether it’s a speech, op-ed, poem, or any other kind of writing)? What lessons can organizers draw from the creative process, whether or not we consider ourselves “artists?”

This workshop is for organizers who want to explore creative writing both as a worthwhile practice in and of itself  and as a means to do culture-shifting, counter-narrative work. Through analysis of existing writing, writing prompts, workshopping, and open dialogue, we will focus on both process and product, writing as liberatory for the self and as a powerful tool for engaging with our communities.

The workshop will be held virtually on Wednesdays 6:30-9:00pm ET from February 1 through February 22. Space is limited to 20 students. For those who are not able to attend the workshop or who are not admitted, we will offer a self-guided workshop at a reduced price. 

The workshop will be led by Kyle Tran Myhre (also known as Guante) and Miski Noor.

Apply at this link by October 30:


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