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Adrastos Da Silva

Adrastos Da Silva, only twenty years old, is originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico. He survived a childhood of domestic, state and drug violence. Adrastos spent his time outside of school focused on local issues. He advocated for local reform in areas such as immigration, education, mental and behavioral health. In his two years since graduating high school, he jumped into electoral organizing. He first interned for one of the first Native American women elected into Congress, Deb Haaland. Shortly after that, Adrastos was accepted into the first cohort fellowship from The Movement School. Both had taught him how electoral organizing can be used as a tool for movement building. He has since organized with Colorado Working Families Party, numerous municipal campaigns, and Elizabeth Warren's presidential campaign. He is currently the Outreach and Field Director for Cori Bush who recently won a primary in a stunning upset against the Clay family, who's political dynasty reined over that seat for over 52 years.