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Claire Haas

Claire Haas is a coach, community organizer, and musician. She coaches white people about white supremacy, supporting her clients to address their white fragility reactions and how they perpetuate white supremacy culture in their workplaces, their families, and communities. 

Claire founded and is the director of the Sibling Transformation Project, which provides coaching and leadership development for others, who like her, are siblings of people with intellectual disabilities. 

She has spent a dozen years working with community organizations in many capacities - from community organizer to director of operations and finance. She carries with her the experiences – both painful and resiliently joyful – of organizations dying, birthing, and growing, and is dedicated to supporting organizations to create internal structures that reflect our values in the world. She brings with her a breadth of organizing and campaign experience, and a strong commitment to engaging in creative, joyful, and transformative organizing.  

As a musician, Claire plays trombone, baritone, and an assortment of percussion instruments. She is also the parent of an enthusiastic nine month old.