Organizing Strategy and Practice

Cristiane (Cristi) Rosales-Fajardo's Picture

Cristiane (Cristi) Rosales-Fajardo

Cristiane (Cristi) Rosales-Fajardo is a Black Latinx organizer and the founder of El Pueblo NOLA - NOLA Village, the driving force responding to the needs of the Latinx community in New Orleans. Cristi and her children were displaced by Hurricane Katrina, and once they returned, were instrumental in rebuilding the community with the help of fellow Latinx and Vietnamese immigrants. For over a decade, she has served as the first point of contact for community members to help them navigate unfamiliar systems (court, school, medical), resolve conflicts and crises (legal, familial, cultural, economic), build community empowerment through raise awareness and mutual aid via local organizations, and develop several youth programs to address the most critical gaps. She currently serves on the board of Lift Louisiana and is a member of the Journey for Justice alliance.