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Debolina Banerjee

Debolina Banerjee is the Climate Justice Policy Analyst at Puget Sound Sage. Her responsibilities include research-based analysis of climate policies, campaign support on climate justice issues, and building power within Sage’s local and statewide climate coalitions.

Debolina played a key role in some of Sage’s major climate campaigns and policy-advocacy like Initiative 1631, Environmental Disparities mapping project, Green New Deal to name a few, and was the co-author of the latest community-based-research report Powering the Transition that highlights how the low-income communities of color in South Seattle and South King County perceive energy policies and are impacted by them.

Her research experience spans across various climate issues, namely energy, transit-oriented development, displacement, and environmental impact on small-scale industries on low-income communities and communities of color. She is a current member of the King County Climate Equity Taskforce and recently completed her term at the City of Seattle Environmental Justice Committee where she was a member since 2017. An immigrant from India, Debolina is also a volunteer with Association for India’s Development where she has been involved since 2009 at various chapters in India and the USA. She maintains strong ties with grassroots activists and marginalized communities in India through her work in organizing for social justice around food, sustainable agriculture, clean environment, community development and women’s empowerment. She holds a Master's degree in Applied Environmental Studies in Planning from the University of Waterloo and a Master’s Degree in City Planning from the Indian Institute of Technology.