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Elyshya Miller

Elyshya Miller is a 40-year-old Black woman with 2 children, Raireco Miller who is 22 and Zaylon Wallace who is 9 going on 19! 

Over many years of organizing, she is honored to have been a part of some winning campaigns in the State of Missouri such as affirmative action, raising the minimum wage (not once but twice!), helping to defend the earnings tax and Clean Missouri, keeping big money out of politics. Also over the years, she has run many voter registration drives and issue based canvasses. Elyshya spent most of her career organizing for ACORN. In 2009, she became the first African American woman to hold COPE Coordinator position for the Greater Kansas City AFL-CIO for that political session. After that Elyshya started her own political PAC. As of today, Elyshya works with many different organizations, showing them how to run effective canvasses.