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Jung Yoon

Jung Yoon has devoted her career to organizing and fighting for economic, racial and environmental justice rooted in values of intersectionality, anti-racism and abolition, knowing that none of us are free until all of us are free. Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio as a first generation korean-american queer she started organizing students to support the food service workers in college with United Students Against Sweatshops. She went on to organize low wage workers in the midwest with the Service Employees International Union for 10 years. Jung moved to Chicago in 2017 as a Strategic Researcher for SEIU Local 1 to drive the strategy to organize airport workers in a successful multi-year campaign. Eventually winning union rights for over 2,000 workers at O’Hare and Midway and higher wages for 10,000 workers in a historic victory. While at Local 1, she created an Environmental Justice Committee to unite the labor movement with the environmental justice movement because workers of color have borne the brunt of environmental racism, toxic pollution and climate change.

Jung Yoon, Campaign Director at Grassroots Collaborative in Chicago, IL. With their coalition partners in this year’s ongoing budget campaign, Grassroots Collaborative brings together traditional community groups, labor unions, faith leaders, Black-led campaigns birthed from the 2020 uprisings, and elected officials to demand a reimagined Chicago that invests in life-affirming institutions and services for the most impacted through the city budget to progressively fund housing, mental health, climate justice, and anti-violence programs over policing and regressive fines and taxes.