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Keirten Nivol

Born and raised in the Dominican Republic to Haitian parents. However, I moved here and have been calling South Florida home ever since the age of 12, so it's been f*** Imperialism. I stumbled into Dream Defenders ( Broward SquaDD!!) my senior year of High School while organizing a massive walkout during the Gun Violence uprising post-Stoneman Douglas. I was invited to a "Walk It Like I Talk It" meeting, and found myself in a room full of cool ass black folks talking about all this radical stuff; reimagining the world we live in, redefining the meaning of safety, and a world without prisons & police. And I was just sitting there like I love it here! Fast forward to 2.5 years later, I'm out here organizing in these streets on a mission to radicalize as many young black folks within my reach, fighting for the world my people deserve and leading the GoDDsville SquaDD while attending the Univ. of FL in Gainesville.