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Makia Green

Makia Green is a queer non-binary fat Black liberation organizer with Working Families Party, Harriets Wildest Dreams, co-chair of the Defund MPD Coalition, and a former core organizer of Black Lives Matter DC. They are also a co-founder of the Movement 4 Black Lives DC Money Pot. Makia fights to abolish the prison state and diet industry, end intra-community violence and eliminate wealth inequality by facilitating community dialogues, mutual aid, leading direct actions, and building coalitions centered on Black joy, healing & abolition. 

They joined the movement by co-founding an activist collective in Rochester, NY during the aftermath of the Ferguson Uprising, and have since been an active member and leader of Movement 4 Black Lives in DC since 2015. As a movement leader, Green's passion is using radical honesty to give others the permission to be themselves, unapologetically so that we all have the power to manifest the world within which we want to live. 

Makia has been featured and quoted in The Forge, NY Times, Essence, Washington Post, Al Jazeera, VICE News, The Intercept, The Hill, Mic, The Root, Blavity, Roll Call, BBC, Bustle, WIRED, and the book, Fat Girls in Black Bodies, authored by Joy Cox.