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Merrie Najimy

Merrie Najimy is the President of the 110,000-member Massachusetts Teachers Association. She is an ardent advocate for public education whose principles are grounded in her nearly three decades as a classroom teacher.   Najimy was elected MTA president in May of 2018.. She is on leave from the Concord Public Schools, where she has been an elementary school teacher for 23 years. She served as president of the Concord Teachers Association for 11 years and as a member of the MTA Board of Directors for six years. Prior to her years in Concord she taught in Pittsfield and Natick for a combined 6 years.

Najimy is a longtime union activist. As CTA president, she brought open bargaining — a transparent approach to winning contract campaigns that is based on a broad vision for education and encourages member participation at every step — to her local. She then introduced other locals to the concept through meetings involving members from throughout the state. Najimy strongly advocates for full funding of public schools, colleges and universities. She believes that public education is foundational to democracy. In her role as president, Najimy plans to lead the union in the effort to win the schools and colleges our communities deserve.