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Patrice Lawrence

Patrice Lawrence is the Co-Director for the UndocuBlack Network.  The UndocuBlack Network (UBN)™️ is a multigenerational community of currently and formerly undocumented Black people fighting to not only survive, but thrive. She previously served as UndocuBlack’s National Policy & Advocacy Director, leading the network’s advocacy efforts on immigrants’ rights and racial justice. 

Patrice leads the work of those who are Black, currently or formerly undocumented and  are steadily leading the charge on what they need by making their demands clear on a local and national level. UndocuBlack™️ has ushered in victories for TPS and Liberian DED communities, fought for DACA, public health, mental wellness, and spearheaded powerful media narratives centering Black undocumented people while fighting criminilization of our lives. There is no power like people power and the might of the UndocuBlack Network is a testament to that.

Originally from Jamaica, Patrice is a graduate of Hollins University and firmly believes that the sum of one’s experiences makes them whole regardless of their immigration status.