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Toward a People-Powered Democracy

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Democracy’s Antidote to Authoritarianism: An...

To defeat the rising tide of authoritarianism, organizations that are part of a pro-democracy movement must reground ourselves in relational, transformational, power-based community organizing

March through Greensboro, NC protesting the acquittal of five men—neo-Nazis and members of the Ku Klux Klan—who shot and killed five anti-Klan protesters and wounded 10 more in the Nov. 3, 1979 Greensboro Massacre. Image via Wikimedia Commons, licensed CC

Don’t Let the Chain of Freedom Break at Your Link

The last 45 years have seen the consolidation of the far Right — while “many white liberals have been so eager to put the ideology of white supremacy behind them that they declare it prematurely dead over and over again.”

Melissa Ojeda, an Amazon warehouse worker and member of Inland Empire Amazon Workers United, speaks during a strike outside the corporation’s air hub in San Bernardino on Oct 14, 2022.” Credit: Warehouse Worker Resource Center

Reining In Amazon to Build Up People-Powered Democracy

In preparation for the The 22nd Century Conference happening in Minneapolis, MN from July 6-9, leaders of the Athena Coalition, an organization created to tackle the growing global power of Amazon, explain why their work is important in the face of pressure from both corporations and the anti-corporate populists who aim to misdirect working people. 

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To Build a Movement for Democracy, We Have to Win the...

In Preparation for the The 22nd Century Conference happening in Minneapolis, MN from July 6-9, 2023, Mariana Ruiz Firmat argues that pro-democracy organizers must treat the digital realm as a serious terrain of struggle and develop a near term strategy to seize the internet from tech libertarians and white nationalists.

The Case for Expanding Democracy Work

Aditi Juneja argues that national issue-based organizations, pro-democracy organizations, and funders should expand their work to support grassroots organizers and create a long-term vision for a movement for a more democratic country.