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The Future of the Labor Movement

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Joshua Cotton

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The Future of the Labor Movement

Editor's Note: The Future of the Labor Movement

We hope this issue is a jumping off point for more discussion, collaboration, and debate about the strategic questions labor needs to tackle to build a movement that can win a greener, more caring, and more just future. 

Everyone's a Labor Organizer These Days. We Need...

The future of labor hinges on making organizing an accessible, popular mechanism for contesting power on the job. 

The Labor Movement We Need to Win the Future We Want

The choice is ours: organize a unified worker movement with bold leadership, or tell stories about the good old days.

Unbossed: Black Domestic Worker Organizing is...

If we can win power for Black domestic workers, we can win power for all workers.

Building Strategic Blocs to Demand a People’s Recovery

With state governments facing a catastrophic budget crisis, fighting unions can develop working-class power for the long haul by building strategic blocs to demand a People’s Recovery.

Organizing for the Economy We Want

We must flip the script pitting jobs against the environment by organizing workers in the rising green energy industry.

Union Perspectives: The Labor Movement We Need for The...

This fishbowl panel with organizing directors at some of the country's most ambitious and creative unions explores how they are wrestling with broken labor law, declining unionization rates, and the challenges and opportunities of organizing in this moment. 

COVID-19 and the Fight for an Economy that Works for...

The current economic and public health crises have made at least two things clear: we all depend on each other and having a job does not guarantee economic stability or a dignified place in our society. 

Lawrence Glass

Company Town 2.0: Fighting Authoritarianism from the...

For worker justice movements to play their part in the takedown of authoritarian presidents and authoritarian companies like Amazon, we need to look beyond the confines of bargaining units, sectors, or industries to build the biggest possible community of interest. 

Joseph Gruber

We have the power. It’s time to start using it.

This crisis in capitalism is an opportunity to build new infrastructure and platforms and bring new people into the movement.