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Governing Together: Layers and Lessons

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From Organizer to Elected: New Lessons on Co-...

What does it mean when activists are the ones in office, and how should they and the movements they come from relate to each other? Four organizers turned elected officials talk about how they brought the lessons they learned building movements into the halls of power.

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“It takes all of us to push policies forward”

Jessica Byrd talks with three local elected officials — Mike Elliot, Gail Johnson, and Tishuara Jones — about the challenges they’ve faced as they fight to make change in their communities and what co-governance looks like in practice.

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Can Task Forces Effectively Reimagine Public Safety?

Lessons from Oakland’s Reimagining Public Safety Task Force

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“Co-governance doesn’t just mean electing people”

Cindy Chavez and Derecka Mehrens on what they’ve learned about building co-governance models, how COVID has tested these models, and why investing in democratic decision-making processes is so critical for our future.

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Building Governing Power in Texas

Organizers and elected officials in Austin talk about the work they’ve done to build governing power — what’s worked, what hasn’t, and what they’ve learned along the way.

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The Hidden Powers of Government

Ady Barkan talks with Diane Thompson and Lorelei Salas about regulatory enforcement and implementation — and why progressive organizers should focus on the mechanisms through which laws become practices.

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How We Won New Taxes on the Rich in New York

We used an inside-outside strategy to shift the balance of power.

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Tenants took on the biggest landlord in Minneapolis —...

Working together, tenants can offer viable solutions to the housing crisis and a blueprint for collective governance.

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Being the First

Irene Godínez and Danielle Walker on what it’s like to be the first BIPOC women in their positions, what’s allowed them to succeed, and what supports are still missing.