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Organizing in the Belly of the Beast

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Joshua Earle

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Organizing in the Belly of the Beast

Koshu Kunii

Building a Socialist DC

Two Metro DC DSA organizers on the group’s electoral campaigning, the challenges of organizing during COVID, and their vision for a more just DC. 


Chris Grafton

The History of the DC Statehood Movement

A historian of the capital city on the history of voter suppression in DC, the challenges of organizing for statehood, and why winning might be possible now. 

Janeese Lewis George Campaign

To Win, We Need to Do Things Differently.

Movement building and risk taking are key to winning insurgent electoral campaigns. 

Leslie Cross

Fighting for a Bold, Progressive Agenda in DC

Activists in the District of Columbia are building support for statehood while fighting to advance a progressive agenda and holding their own elected officials to account. 

Janeese Lewis George Campaign

Build the Movement. Elect Bold Leaders. Repeat.

A socialist candidate’s upset Council victory offers clear lessons for the left on how to organize and movement build during the pandemic. 


Koshu Kunii

Black Lives Matter Equals Defund the Police.

Lessons from the whirlwind.