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Palestine and Israel

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Intro: Palestine and the US

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Black Feminist Reflections on Palestine Liberation

Barbara Ransby charts the relationship between Black feminist organizing and the movement for a Free Palestine, and provides a poem in solidarity with the people of Gaza.


Trans Liberation and Palestine

Shelby Chestnut, executive director of the Transgender Law Center, explains how trans liberation is inherently anti-colonial and inseparable from the struggle for Palestinian freedom.

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Pinkwashing 101: How Israel Turned Gay Pride into an...

Rami Kablawi breaks down how Israel weaponizes Pride to oppress Palestinians, and how you can help resist it.

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Ferguson, Palestine and “The Most Important Election...

Montague Simmons, Director of Strategic Partnerships for the Movement for Black Lives, explores the transformed terrain that organizers must navigate this election season.

How The Fight for Free Palestine is Changing Organizing

Arielle Klagsbrun of the Action Center on Race and Economy breaks down how the movement for a free Palestine has adopted and transformed the affinity group model of mass movement organizing.

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Dissenters and the Student Movement for Palestine

Brianna Gibson of the BlackOUT Collective interviews Sidney Miralao from Dissenters, an anti-imperial youth organization playing an important role in the student movement for a free Palestine. Learn what’s happening on the ground and how this political moment is creating a new generation of disciplined leaders.

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How to Support Palestinians? Boycott, Divest from, and...

Sumaya Awad of the Adalah Justice Project explains BDS, its urgency, and why it is essential for ending Israel’s policies of genocide and apartheid.

Gaza is Palestine, Dismantle Zionism, and Palestine...

Three opening pieces from our special co-editors: Sandra Tamari, Morgan Bassichis, and Ramah Kudaimi. They present context, history, and a resounding commitment to liberation for Palestine.

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A Love Letter to All Who March

Palestinian children are being crushed by rubble. We cannot allow ourselves to be crushed by bleakness. Direct action trainer and dancer LJ Amsterdam writes that it is our role and our responsibility to put our bodies in motion.