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Philanthropy and Organizing: My Journey

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Navigating Philanthropy

Gara LaMarche talks with Jee Kim, Urvashi Vaid, and Bill Vandenberg — activists and organizers who went on to work in key positions in philanthropy — about their experiences navigating the philanthropic sector, what needs to change to shift the balance of power toward organizers, and the relationship between philanthropy and organizing today. 

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Organizing Philanthropy

Three leading organizers on their experiences with philanthropy, what true partnership might look like, and why it’s so critical for philanthropy to invest in self-sustaining funding for movement organizations.

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Knowing What to Do Will Never Be Enough

Funder organizing” has become a common phrase, but it lacks a shared definition. What could transformative funder organizing really look like?

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Organizing the Foundation Board

Cecilia Muñoz and Cecile Richards talk about their experiences sitting on foundation boards, how philanthropy’s relationship to organizing is shifting, and the most promising innovations they’re seeing in the field right now.

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Donor Collaboration Is Necessary to Fund Movements at...

The economic crisis of the past year has expanded the table of funders who want to support workers, economic recovery, and power building — and helped model new relationships for future efforts.

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What (Economic) Liberation Requires

We need to change how the progressive movement finances grassroots power building.

Philanthropy Can & Must Help Dismantle Racial...

If philanthropy does not take action to dismantle racial capitalism, it will remain complicit in maintaining the status quo and be unable to meet the growing needs of the most impacted communities.