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The Rise and Fall of Racial Capitalism

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This time-based illustration demonstrates the sonification of unemployment data for each state. Artwork by Nettrice Gaskins

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The Rise & Fall of Racial Capitalism

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Editor’s Note

We hope this special issue creates a foundation for more strategic thinking and greater collaboration on how we can fight racial capitalism and build the world we want to see. 


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“It’s a crime to be poor”

Organizers from the Dream Defenders on why we must defund the police and abolish prisons if we want to dismantle racial capitalism. 


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Sex Work is Work

And criminalization is unsafe for Black and brown people.


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Monetary Sanctions, Racialized Wealth Extraction, and...

Cities and states are filling budget gaps by increasing monetary sanctions that systematically extract wealth from Black communities. Fines and fees reform is an important step toward dismantling systemic racism, mass criminalization, and economic inequality.

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"Building up the house for the next generation...

Greisa Martinez Rosas from United We Dream on her fight for dignity, respect, and equality for undocumented immigrants.

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Work, work, work, work, work, work

A strong labor movement can help dismantle racial capitalism. Here’s how.

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This Land is Your Land

Racial capitalism is built on stolen land and exclusion from home ownership — resulting in enormous racial wealth gaps and housing insecurity. A Homes Guarantee would create housing security for all.


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Money, Power, Respect

Money making money is a third pillar of racial capitalism. In this audio article, we talk about the racialized financial systems that have given us “socialism for the rich and rugged capitalism for the poor."

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Looking for the Symbol of Racial Capitalism? Look No...

Amazon embodies racial capitalism. That’s why we must organize against it. 


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Remaking Our Economy with Restorative Investing

Why philanthropists must invest in Black and brown communities to lead the fight for liberation.

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A Path to Reparations for the War on Drugs

Any plan to decriminalize cannabis must put power in the hands of Black and brown communities.

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One-Two Punch: How the Green New Deal Fights...

The Green New Deal will succeed where the mainstream climate movement has failed. Here’s why.

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Lessons for Ending Mass Incarceration Beyond the...

COVID-19 offers us an opportunity to target the root causes of mass incarceration. But we’ll need political courage to convince lawmakers to divest from the correctional system.