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What’s Your Power Analysis?

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There Is Power in a (Tenant) Union

Kansas City Tenants is one of the most successful Tenant Unions in the country. This interview with their Director, Tara Raghuveer, will give you a glimpse at the analysis and strategy that has powered their growth to over 9,000 members across Kansas City.

PICO California

The Authors of Their Own Futures

How faith and spiritual grounding helps build power: Interview w/ Joseph Tomás Mckellar of PICO California

Faith in Minnesota

Power Is Dynamic, Relational, and Can Be Changed

The latest from "What's Your Power Analysis?" we return to our conversation with Doran Schrantz of Faith in Minnesota as she reflects on the significant political and legislative achievements in Minnesota, following the Democratic Farmer Labor Party's trifecta victory in 2022, underlining the strategic organizing and power dynamics that made it possible.

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Back to Where It All Began

An interview with Anthony Thigpenn & Sabrina Smith of California Calls

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"Disrupting the Power Structure”

Building in red states and communities with United Today, Stronger Tomorrow

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“Contesting for Power Is So important”

Building in red states and communities with United Today, Stronger Tomorrow

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Florida, Florida, Florida!

An Interview with Andrea Cristina Mercado and Ivanna Gonzalez of Florida Rising


An Interview with Doran Schrantz

This is the first piece in a new Forge series — What’s Your Power Analysis? — in which veteran organizer Deepak Pateriya talks with organizers and movement leaders about the power analysis that guides their work, the power they’re trying to build and exercise, how it’s going, and how they know.