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Youth Activism Through a Global Lens

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Democracy Moves: Youth Activism Through a Global Lens

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Youth Activism in Uganda: An Interview with Darren...

“We are the new generation and we are rising for what we believe in and what is right.”


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China’s Counter Community

Human connection and resistance in an authoritarian context 

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Organizing from Cambridge to Corrientes

When environmental justice organizers in Argentina partnered with Harvard students to fight Harvard Management Company, they learned several lessons about border-crossing organizing: the importance of identifying the real decision-makers and centering the demands of frontline communities.

Climate protest at COP 26. Courtesy of Mark Ortiz.

Fighting Climate Change in the Global South

Mark Ortiz talks with youth climate justice organizers from the Philippines, Balochistan, Mexico, and Bangladesh who are working with Fridays for Future MAPA (Most Affected Peoples and Areas).

Photo by, Stephen Hosey

Challenging the Language of Power Onstage

 Glaswegian youth act for just climate policy

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Lessons from a renewed student movement in Italy

Short-term failures can lay the groundwork for long-term success.

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Young Women’s Peace Activism in Cameroon: An...

Peace activist Caryn Dasah on why lasting solutions will only come when women and girls directly affected by armed conflict are part of the decision-making about how to resolve the crisis.


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Community Care is the Language of Peace

It is radical to care in societies in which inequality is the norm and marginalized communities are stripped of their humanity.

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Participatory Budgeting in Mexico: An Interview with...

Aline Yunery Zunzunegui López talks about changing Mexican political culture through participatory budgeting.

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“ We are the Ones That Have the Power”: A Conversation...

A conversation with Grace Gondwe about youth political participation and transformation in Zambia


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Young People Are Overcoming Political Polarization

How “non-partisan” youth movements in Bangladesh are driving social change

Thirdson Photography and Benedict Pawa

From #EndSARS to Pan-African Solidarity

Lessons from an intergenerational and transnational movement against state violence