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Will the Revolution Be Funded?

Organizers and researchers Zac Chapman and Nairuti Shastry examine how movements can build power by working within, without, and against philanthropy.

Adam Jones

From the Traumas of America to the Shores of Africa: A Journey of Self-Healing

Brandon Sturdivant of Mass Liberation Project argues that addressing personal trauma can help transform the work and lives of Black organizers, and make systemic change all the more possible.

ULU Local 880

Organizing One of the Largest Black Led Unions in the United States

A follow-up to “How Four Black Women Changed Labor Organizing Forever”, this article captures the contract fight that followed and the genius and fortitude required to create one of the most important unions in U.S. history.


How Labor Can Fight Fascism

Bill Fletcher Jr., long-time labor and racial justice organizer, interviews Paul Ortiz, of the United Faculty of Florida, about the growing fascist movement and how unions can be a critical force in fighting the likes of Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump.


How We Rebuilt the Young Democratic Socialists

A history of the late 2000s youth section of the Democratic Socialists of America and how they used lessons from Mao and contemporary labor to reevaluate their conditions and build a winning strategy.


Lesson From the UK: How To Scale Community Organizing in Moments of Crisis

George Gabriel reflects on the British Refugees Welcome movement, which helped bring tens of thousands of Syrians to the UK, and how a system of incubating and cascading created the local and national capacity necessary for the victory.


Understanding the New Vanguard of the Right

National Conservatives, postliberals, and the Nietzschean Right are struggling for power over the Right, and the future of the nation.

Elekes Andor

5 Lessons From Hungary: How to Fight Authoritarians

Lessons from a convening between pro-democracy organizers from the U.S. and Hungary. Gordon Whitman explains how grassroots organizations can adapt as authoritarians change the rules of the game, and how neoliberalism paves the path for dictators.

City of Boston Archives

How a Black Mayor Took on a Racist Political Machine

40 years ago, Chicago’s first Black mayor shattered status-quo politics in his city, offering insights that remain relevant for grassroots movements today.


A Sieve for Black Workers

Excluded from minimum wage and union rights, gig workers, disproportionately Black, grapple with a two-tiered system rooted in historical labor laws that must be reformed for racial and worker justice.

Portrait of the first African-Americans elected to serve in Congress following the Civil War. Library of Congress

Abolition, Fusion, and the Value of a Multi-Party Democracy

Fusion voting, utilized by Abolitionists before and after the Civil War, can strengthen third parties and address the shortcomings of the current two-party system.

SBWorkers United

This Is What It Looks Like

Two and a half years in, Starbucks workers have made a breakthrough. Buried in the stilted prose of the announcement is a historic victory.

Weldon Kennedy via Wikimedia Commons

Oligarchy and the Fight for Paid Family Leave

Vicki Shabo from Better Life Lab at New America discusses the long-term fight for paid family and medical leave, covering progress at state and federal levels, setbacks in national legislation, and the influence of oligarchic interests. Interviewed by Dania Rajendra, senior strategist at Future Currents .

Irma Sherman, Chair of McMaid Workers Organizing Committee

How Four Black Women Changed Labor Organizing Forever

40 years ago in Chicago, McMaid workers sparked a movement.

Michael Tao / The Daily Californian archives, MIT

Strategy Is a Craft

A conversation with Deepak Bhargava and Stephanie Luce about their new book, Practical Radicals, and the need for the left to embrace a rigorous, multi-pronged strategy for change.

United Smith Student Workers, undergraduate cafeteria workers union

United Smith Student Workers

The Undergrads are Unionizing

United Smith Student Workers is one of the first undergrad student unions in the country and part of a larger movement that began in the early 2000s. Find out how they, and others, are seizing upon new labor regulations to improve lives and build power.

Ted Polumbaum

How Freedom Summer Can Inspire Us in 2024

Freedom Summer transformed the country by transforming the South. To fight white supremacy and defeat fascists block by block and at the ballot box, we have to reflect on the work of the SNCC-fueled coalition and the innovations that made their work successful.


We Were Transformed, but Was the World? Reflecting on a Decade of Black-Led Movement

The Black Lives Matter era re-shaped a generation’s understanding of Black identity and politics, but it was also deeply disappointing. Now, a new chapter of Black political organization is needed to win the transformative change we envisioned.

Jacob Wackerhausen, iStock

How Digital Organizing Can Turn Out Voters in 2024

How did a multiracial, multigenerational, and interfaith group of neighbors in the most populous Texas county defy expectations to galvanize the second-largest midterm election turnout in thirty years?

Horizons Project

The Horizons Project: Dispatches From Possible Futures

Exploring the next thirty years of potential social justice trajectories, the Horizons Project engaged over a hundred leaders to strategize for a more just and equitable future.

Elvert Barnes, CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons

Think #MeToo didn’t make a real difference? Think again.

How #MeToo changed the world and the feminist movement.

RebexArt, CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

The Classics of Organizing | Review - Kaiāulu: Gathering Tides

Great books inspire in myriad ways. Siobhan Ring inaugurates a new occasional series, “the Classics of Organizing”, with this review of a classic on organizing in Hawaii.

Citizen Action NY

Lessons on Building Power: 40 Years of Citizen Action of New York

Citizen Action of New York, a key player in grassroots advocacy since 1983, marks its 40th anniversary with critical lessons for all organizers. Executive Director Rosemary Rivera shares her story as the first Latina and first LGBTQ person in that role, and how her life experiences not only brought her here, but are helping to give clarity to an organization poised to deliver victories for...

Building Governing Power To Make the World We Need

Lessons from “Governing Power”: How organizations can move from protest to contesting power on a greater scale, and what shifts must be made to allow our movements to fight in all arenas of power, from electoral to economic.

Drive Michigan Forward

Young Organizers Say ‘Drivers Licenses Ensure Dignity’

Immigrant communities mobilized to return the Michigan legislature to Democratic control—but lawmakers stalled on restoring drivers’ licenses for undocumented residents. Two organizers call them to account.

The New Press

How Today's Underdogs Can Win Big with Strategy

An excerpt from the book "Practical Radicals", a clear seven part guide to changing the world. Deepak and Stephanie are both professors at CUNY's School of Labor and Urban Studies, and Deepak was just announced as the next president of The JPB Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to empowering those living in poverty, sustaining our environment and enabling pioneering medical research.

Lewis Hine via Wikimedia Commons

A Social Justice State

Scholar and long-time organizer Janice Fine argues that the state must reject “neutrality” and embrace social movements as partners in promoting justice.

The White House via Wikimedia Commons

This Strike Worked

In a monumental labor victory echoing the 1937 Flint Sit-Down Strike, the UAW's triumphant strike against top automakers marks a defining moment in modern labor history.

The White House via Wikimedia Commons

Using the “Hidden Levers” of Government

Alex Hertel-Fernandez, who served in the Biden-Harris Administration at the U.S. Department of Labor and the White House Office of Management and Budget, takes stock of efforts by federal agencies to encourage more participation in using the “hidden levers of government,” including challenges and opportunities for organizers and government alike.

Isabella Chavez via Asian Texans for Justice

Building Power in the Midst of Crisis in Texas Asian American Communities and Beyond

This article is co-authored by UyenThi Tran Myhre, Coordinator of Movement Building Programs at the Building Movement Project, and Lily Trieu, Executive Director at Asian Texans for Justice.

What We Talk About When We Talk About Gaza

"While some fringe parts of the activist left confusingly mapped on the “Black Lives Matter” vs “All Lives Matter” discourse onto Israelis and Palestinians, where it became inappropriate or uncool to mourn or even acknowledge “Israeli lives,” other leaders showed a different path forward: a politics of solidarity where every human being is precious and has value."

istock: PeopleImages

All Campaigning is Social

In a post-COVID world, one where loneliness is the next epidemic, the organized left must do our part to organize socially.

Beth Huang

What DSA Can Learn from Organizational Death In the Student Movement

A decades' long right-wing assault on membership organizations led to the collapse of the US Student Association in 2017. What can organizers take away from the last decade of organizational death in the student movement?

Get Free

The Next Ten Years: Retrenchment or Reconstruction?

“To fight back in our current moment we need a flurry of experimentation by organizations looking to absorb and develop the wave of youth activists from 2020, and engage them with a coherent and integrated strategy aimed at defeating white supremacy and leveraging power over the Democratic Party.”


How Organizers and Artists are Creating a Better World

Ken Grossinger’s new book, Art Works: How Organizers and Artists are Creating a Better World Together, finds inspiration at the intersection of art and organizing, with examples ranging from George Floyd Square to Central America. Andrew Friedman, Senior Director of Strategy at The Action Lab and Director of the Initiative for Community Power at NYU, talked with him about the book.

Anthony Crider via Wikimedia Commons

How Ideology Can Help—or Hurt—Movements Trying to Build Power

Political educator Harmony Goldberg discusses whether the ideological traditions of the left are helpful for practical organizing.

Credit: DragonImages

Getting Personal to Build Power and a Better Tomorrow

Changing the Conversation Together, was founded to use deep canvassing in election campaigns. “Deep canvassers” are trained to initiate respectful conversations, exchange stories, and build relationships with each potential voter.

Kharkiv, 2022. Photo: Lev Turkov

Student Organizing at War: Ukraine

An overview of Priama Diia, a leftwing student union in Ukraine, and how they are organizing students in the face of the war with Russia and the increasingly repressive and austere policies of the Ukrainian government

Antonio Gramsci (Wikimedia)

Lessons from Gramsci for Social Movements Today

Gramsci's political thoughts and pragmatic strategies have yielded a collection of ideas that can be argued to have become even more relevant over time.

OK, I’ve Seen Enough. This Time Is Different.

The labor movement has been preparing for this moment 

Courtesy of Showing Up For Racial Justice

Winning White People to the Fight Against the MAGA Right

To address the challenges our movements face in this time, we need to name white resentment as the fuel for the Right’s dramatic rise –– and offer white people a better option.

Finding Liberation and Belonging in Lessons from the Past

Black Muslim women in the United States, escpecially in Southern States, face unique discrimination due to intersecting marginalized identities. Organizers are making an intentional effort to make sure they're included in the national conversation around safety.

A Sacred Trust: Being A Paid Staff Person of a Base Organization

The tensions Maurice Mitchell highlights in ‘Building Resilient Organizations’ operate differently in base organizations. The solutions will be different, too.

What Does It Look Like When We Build Our Power and Fight the Right?

Four organizing leaders talk about unity and struggle with centrist allies, building our progressive and left alignment, and what can stand in the way.

Photo credit: Ferran Nadeu

Lessons from Barcelona’s 8-Year Experiment in Radical Governance

The activists who took over the city hall of Catalonia’s capital have changed one of Europe’s preeminent cities for good, while also confronting the limits of being in power. 

Photo credits: David Kamba

“They Go Low, We Go Deep”

This is a problem organizers and organizations confront every time they elect an ally to office: How can labor, community, and other peoples’ organizations keep politicians to their commitments after the election?  Here’s how we did it.

Photo credits: Jackson King

How a Black Led Corporate Accountability Campaign Is Winning in Detroit

Highlights of the successes of a corporate accountability campaign led by black grassroots organizations in holding corporations accountable for their actions and addressing systemic racial injustices.

Photo credits: Alex Moore

Hot Labor Summer

This summer’s labor fights are an important opportunity for an increasingly militant labor movement to win critical battles. 

Can movements keep politicians from inevitably selling out?

By understanding how mainstream political culture co-opts elected officials, grassroots groups can help them resist.

Countervailing Powers | Building Bottom-Up Democracy Through Co-Governance

People’s movements are challenging oligarchic power and holding out a powerful vision of robust political and economic democracy to replace it, but our power so far remains marginal, and we are nowhere near ready to govern.

The Craft of Campaigns | Campaigning to Limit Comcast

Ten years ago, Philadelphia’s Media Mobilizing Project launched a campaign to force Comcast to provide service to working-class residents. It was a learning experience in “inside game” organizing that continues to shape the city’s progressive movements.

A Powerful Tool for Campaigns and Crises

Too often, we base critical strategies on a series of unquestioned assumptions and untested relationships. Simulation exercises can improve strategy, build stronger relationships, and break down hierarchies.

Countervailing Powers | Community Organizing and Electoral Politics

Is Involvement in Elections a Source of Synergy—or Distraction?

Building the Front, Strengthening Our Movement

This March 9 live-streamed features movement leaders who are actively fighting the Right while building bases and alliances for the long-term struggle for racial and economic justice and inclusive democracy.

Countervailing Powers | How Los Angeles Tenants Beat the Landlords—For Now

The rise of a renters’ movement and its electoral victories last November have reshaped some fundamental city policies.

Getty Images

The Great Escape: An Organizing Thriller

The Great Escape is oxygen for the organizer and fire for an organizing revival. 

Countervailing Powers | The Tenants Who Went to Washington

The Homes Guarantee Campaign got the attention of policymakers at the highest levels. Now these tenant organizers want to get the policy.

Countervailing Powers | Small Businesses Rise to Fight Wall Street

Small businesses are organizing around increased swipe fees. Their efforts could further an anti-monopoly revolution.

Countervailing Powers | Making Paid Sick Time a Reality

Organizing for paid leave, which is on the verge of passing in Minnesota, is part of a larger challenge to reverse an abusive workplace status quo.

Courtesy of the Working Families Party

Building Resilient Organizations

Toward Joy and Durable Power in a Time of Crisis

Jermaine Amado

Building Local Power

Sarah Johnson talks about the growing leadership of women and people of color across the country, her approach to organizing in suburban and rural areas, and why relationships are so important to building power.

Courtesy of Ravi Mangla

“We have to tell larger stories”

New York Working Families Party communications director Ravi Mangla talks about his new novel, The Observant, and how he thinks about writing fiction and doing politics. 

Courtesy of New America

Winning Paid Family Leave in Delaware

Liz Richards on how she planted the seeds for the Delaware family leave bill, formed a coalition from the ground up, and elevated people power along the way.

Courtesy of New America

Planting the Seeds for Movement Building

An interview with Georgia STAND-Up’s CEO, Deborah Scott

“The Bosses of the Senate” by Joseph Keppler

Countervailing Powers | From Countervailing to Prevailing Power

Progressives should plan our fights against anti-democratic oligarchies with the explicit aim of becoming the dominant political force.

Courtesy of Grassroots Collaborative

Lessons from Chicago Coalition Building

How to build a coalition with members who (mostly) don’t hate each other


Element5 Digital

Racism Is Profitable | Battling on the Issues

Pablo Rodriguez of Communities for a New California talks with Solana Rice and Jeremie Greer about electoral organizing.

Vidar Nordil Mathisen

What's the problem with taking state power?

As social movements move beyond the default anarchist sensibility that prevailed through Occupy, they must still reckon with hard questions about bureaucracy and cooptation. 

Courtesy of New America

Widening Political Participation in Lexington, Kentucky

An interview with Richard Young of CivicLex

Hot Off the Press | That’s Not One We Expected

An excerpt from How We Win The Civil War.

Jandos Rothstein

Countervailing Powers | Using Policy to Reorganize Power

Even the best structural reforms will not succeed without aggressive organizing.

MACMILLAN (WikiMedia Commons)

Rupture | ACT UP Was a Vanguard Organization

Sarah Schulman talks about the impetus for ACT UP, the group's structure and strategies, and lessons for organizers today. 

Image courtesy of Worker Power

Building Worker Power

Unions are among the few institutions where people learn to practice genuine, robust democracy. Building worker power means strengthening those democratic practices within the labor movement — and then bringing them out into the country.

President Carter signing the Community Reinvestment Act on Oct. 12, 1977. (Jimmy Carter Library/National Archives and Records Administration). Source: Federal Reserve

Countervailing Powers | The Reinvestment Movement vs. the Bankers

David is very nimble, but Goliath is more powerful than ever.

What I Learned About Organizing From My Sex Worker Grandmother

An adapted excerpt from Someday Mija, You’ll Learn the Difference Between a Whore and a Working Woman



Koshu Kunii

Los Angeles Is Creating a Model for Fighting Mass Incarceration

In the past five years, abolitionists and advocates of criminal justice reform in Los Angeles County have amassed some impressive victories—laying out a vision for reducing incarceration and providing care that could have national significance. 

Vying for Power 

An excerpt from Working 9to5

Getty Images

The Schools Our Students Deserve

The UTLA and CTU fights for safer schools during COVID

Courtesy of SEJ

The Bridge Project: Reframing the Prevailing American Narrative for 2052

We are sharing the findings of this report with organizers, movement leaders, storytellers, and cultural influencers in the hope that you will help us imagine a future in which the prevalent story of American identity is untethered from white supremacy. 


Courtesy of the author. SEIU880 homecare and childcare providers demand raises and recognition, fall 1998

Amazon, Starbucks, And What it Means to Act Like A Union

By trusting workers and empowering them to act like a union, ALU and SBU are building power, moving their campaigns along, and creating a path to collective bargaining and better working conditions despite the hostile legal terrain and vicious employer-led anti-union campaigns.

Carol M. Highsmith, Library of Congress

Rupture | When Four Students Sat In

Small actions with big plans can sometimes scale quickly


Building Structure Shapes | Florida’s “Fractal” Shaped Alignment Group

In this article, we’ll look more closely at one shape — the fractal — through a case study of several progressive organizations in Florida that formed the StateWide Alignment Group (SWAG)


Getty Images

Political Polarization Is Pushing Evangelicals To A Historic Breaking Point

Christians are splitting with the religious right over Trump, COVID and Black Lives Matter, creating opportunities for those interested in social justice

Getty Images

Letter to a Young Organizer #2

You are here to stir the pot. To take the crisis to those who created it. To transform hearts and minds on the way toward transforming how the whole thing works.

Getty Images

What does “grassroots” mean?

A review of Power Concedes Nothing

Jandos Rothstein

Countervailing Powers | Laws That Create Countervailing Power

A roundtable discussion with Benjamin Sachs, Kate Andrias, and Steve Kest

“Nobody's coming to save any of us”: Lessons from grassroots power building in West Virginia

What grassroots organizing efforts in West Virginia can teach us about how to break free of extractive models of organizing and build real power that can lead to transformative change.

Fall Organizers Writing Workshop

Applications are open for our fall writing workshop!

On the Line: An Interview with Daisy Pitkin

The organizer and author Daisy Pitkin talks about the dynamics between staff organizers and members, personal and political risk-taking, institutional culture, and political struggle across a century of union fights in the US.

Courtesy of the author

The Case for Rupture

We cannot dismantle systems of racial monopoly capitalism merely through electoral power or base building alone. We need mass scaled action.

Getty Images

Practice, Practice, Practice

To build stronger movements, we need to build up our ambition, be strategic in our discipline, and lead with the process. 


Building Structure Shapes | ISAIAH’s Multiracial “House”

Executive Director Doran Schrantz went against the advice of non-profit manuals and decided to restructure the staff. How did she reimagine the organizational chart, thus enabling ISAIAH’s house to grow?

Renewing the Lineage of Nonviolent Movement

A Review of Erica Chenoweth’s Civil Resistance: What Everyone Needs to Know

Photo courtesy of the Center for Popular Democracy

“Who have we learned from? The people.”

Steve Kest talks with Stephanie Maldonado, Christina Livingston, Allison Brim, and Arlenis Morel about the importance of organizing basics like door knocking, listening, and leadership development in driving their organizations; what they’ve learned from older organizing traditions; and how they’ve adapted or changed those traditions to become more effective and powerful.   

Organizing All People

We will not win without destroying white supremacy and patriarchy

Credit: Victor Odiba's

The Arts in Today’s Movements

Insights from Nigeria’s #EndSARS Campaign

Getty Images

Leveling the Information Playing Field

University financial analyses can serve as political education and organizing tools.

An MST march. (Facebook/Gustavo Marinho)

How movements can maintain their radical vision while winning practical reforms

Forty years of struggle by Brazil's landless workers movement offers lessons on engaging the system without being co-opted. 

The Roots and Reasons of Privatization

An excerpt from The Privatization of Everything


“My job was to organize you”

An excerpt from On the Line

photo credit: Getty Images

Revolutionary Grounds

On February 23, the DSA International Committee, Starbucks Workers United, and the Emergency Workplace Organizing Committee hosted Revolutionary Grounds to hear insights from Starbucks workers organizing from Buffalo, New York, to Valparaíso, Chile. 


Kheel Center for Labor-Management Documentation and Archives,Cornell University Library

“It’s Never the End Because the Struggle Continues”: An Interview with Kim Kelly

Kim Kelly on her new book, labor journalism today, and what is giving her hope right now.

Asael Peña

From Coworkers to Comrades

A conversation with Coworker’s Michelle Miller and Tim Newman

Image courtesy of the author

Strategy Charts & Power Maps: A User Guide

Check out these useful guides to create strategies for labor organizing and other social movement campaigns. These tools ask us to think deeply about how we are building the power of disruption to win.

Courtesy of Color Of Change

Building Structure Shapes | Color Of Change’s “Big Tent”

Color of Change’s Arisha Hatch talks with Joy Cushman and Melanie Brazzell about the Building Structure Shapes report and the organization’s “big tent” structure.  

Wikimedia Commons

Could This Time Be Different?

Amazon warehouse workers in Staten Island just won a union. Is this the signal the labor movement’s been waiting for?

Building the Leadership of Members

Cecily Myart Cruz, the current President of UTLA, and area leaders Georgia Flowers Lee and Maria Miranda talk with UTLA Secretary Arlene Inouye about their organizing efforts, the barriers that still confront women of color, and how to dismantle these barriers to build the future we want.

photo by, Maksim Sokolov (Maxergon)

What the US can learn from Canadian activists who blocked truck convoys

As the trucker convoy makes its way to Washington, Canadian blockades offer lessons on how to stop far-right occupations in their tracks.

photo credit: Getty Images

What to Do When the World Is Ending

So what do we do when the world is ending? The same things that so many of the giants on whose shoulders we stand did when their worlds were ending. We choose to face our despair — to walk towards it and through it —choose to take action, choose to build movements. We do it because we don’t know how it ends, because there are possibilities out there that we simply can’t see from here.

Getty Images

Ukraine doesn’t need to match Russia’s military might to defend against invasion

Throughout history, people facing occupation have tapped into the power of nonviolent struggle to thwart their invaders.

Photo by Amaury Laporte, Wiki Commons

It’s time to take inspiration from Ukraine and double down on global democratic solidarity

As courageous Ukrainians and Russian antiwar protesters resist Putin’s brutal war, we can do far more to support pro-democracy activists and movements.

Getty Images

Building Power with Popular Education

Popular education is essential to building an equitable future — especially for base-building organizations.

Getty Images

The Lost Art of Listening for Issues

Let’s move from funding organizations to mobilize, and instead allow the space to organize.

Hope in an Unlikely Place

A review of A Field Guide to White Supremacy

Wikimedia Commons

Bet on Institution Building, Not Manchin

A case for building movement infrastructure in the times we feel at sea


Getty Images

An End to the Housing Market as We Know It

A conversation with Meg Daly, René Moya, B. Rosas, and Cea Weaver about the path to decommodifying housing, the false promise of increasing housing supply, and what the recent victory in Saint Paul means for the future of tenant organizing in the city — and across the country.

Getty Images

Should we disrupt the Democratic Party or try to take it over?

How movements settle the debate on whether to engage with political parties from the inside or outside will have a profound impact on their effectiveness.

photo by, Mykyta Dolmatov

Collaborative Governance: How We Build Power Together

Philadelphia City Council Member Helen Gym, former Gainesville City Commissioner Gail Johnson, State Innovation Exchange Co-Executive Director Jessie Ulibarri, and Texas Organizing Project Strategy Director Crystal Zermeno discuss best practices, identify promising strategies, and highlight lessons from their on-the-ground experiences with co-governance in the U.S. 

Photo by Colin Lloyd

To Tackle Racial Justice, Organizing Must Change

Racial justice is increasingly embraced across our movements, but the strategic work to live up to that vision is still all too lacking.

Photo by Gage Skidmore for Arizona Education Association

Yes, Social Media Can Help With Real-World Organizing

We can’t change the world just by posting on social media. But as the 2018 red state teachers strikes show, if organizers make strategic choices about their online organizing, social media can be used to build mass, militant actions like strikes.


Photo courtesy of New Virginia Majority

Lessons from the Virginia Election

Mat Hanson talks with Alexsis Rodgers, the State Director for Care in Action; David Broder, President of SEIU Virginia 512; Maya Castillo, Political Director for the New Virginia Majority; and Luis Aguilar, State Director for CASA in Action about the lessons they’re drawing from the election. 

Katie Rodriguez

The Hard Truth Behind Rigorous Organizing

We must let go of the idea that success in organizing is determined by the amount that we do rather than the power we build and the practices and culture we create in the process. 

Getty Images

New York City Taxi Drivers Went on a Hunger Strike — and Won

We sat down with New York State Assembly Member Zohran Mamdani to talk about why he joined the hunger strike, the value of an inside/outside strategy, and what’s next for the taxi drivers. 

Getty Images

Building Prisms of Power, Not Sandcastles that Get Washed Away Each Election

What the current debate over Democratic strategy leaves out: why groups that invest in long-term constituency organizing win

Image courtesy of the author

Building Structure Shapes | The NY Working Families Party's "Stool"

 This article looks at one shape — the stool — through a case study of the New York Working Families Party.

Image courtesy of the author

Structure/Strategy | Building Structure Shapes

This report offers a framework and vocabulary that can support movement leaders in deepening their structuring capacity in times of organizational challenge.

Getty Images

Power, Control, and Trust in Coalitions

Nine tips for how to make coalitions work

Koshu Kunii

Movement Capture: Lessons from Funders and Organizers

Dorian Warren, Megan Ming Francis, and Maurice Mitchell talk about the history of "movement capture" and the work it will take to create healthy and sustainable movement cultures. 

Alex Radelich

“Power doesn’t give up power easily”

Hahrie Han on her new book, the moments of uncertainty that face every organization, and why base building is critical to navigating changing power dynamics over the long haul. 

Getty Images

Building People-Powered Budgets

Insights from budget campaigns across the PowerSwitch Action network


Getty Images

Drafting Chile’s New Constitution

Mapuche representative Rosa Catrileo on her work in the community, the Mapuche demands for land and water in their historic territory, and how the new constitution can address those critical issues.  


Photo courtesy of Working Families Party

Debriefing the NY Primaries

Four veteran organizers talk about the recent elections in New York, the fractures that persist on the left, and how the movement failed to take advantage of ranked-choice voting to sweep the races.


Photo by Charles Edward Miller (WikiCommons)

Making Our Demands Both Practical and Visionary

How social movements are employing the concept of the “non-reformist reform” to promote far-reaching change

Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona

How DOJ Can Defund the Police

A Justice Department strategy can deflate police budgets while asserting community control over federal grants.

Getty Images, Rudzhan Nagiev

“We wanted to keep those jobs”

Lena Eckert-Erdheim talks with three workers who were active in the drive to unionize No Evil Foods about their experiences of the company’s anti-union campaign and the challenges of unionizing progressive workplaces.

Fast to Fund Excluded Workers March

Photo by Walter Wlodarczyk

“Who Feeds Us While We Feed You?”

This spring, immigrant New Yorkers secured a historic victory: a $2.1 billion fund for workers who lost jobs and income during the pandemic but received not a cent of government relief.

Getty Images

Polling for Progress

At Data for Progress, we see polling as a tool for organizers and the progressive movement to shape public narratives and persuade stakeholders.


Getty Images

Reflections on the Field

Five leaders in the movement reflect on where we have been — and where we are going.

Getty Images

Powerful Invitations to Organize

An Interview with Prentiss Haney 


Photo courtesy of Rights and Democracy

Fighting the GOP’s War on Democracy

How did an emerging national conversation about race — a conversation that a majority of Americans in 2020 said they wanted to have — become hijacked by an attack on a field called critical race theory?

Photo from: Library of Congress

Dying With Our Boots On

Lessons from Daniel Berrigan as we push Biden


Jorge Serrato via

“Let the horrible night cease.”

Jacobo Albán talks about the years of work leading to the strike in Colombia, the opportunity this moment presents for mass political education, and how those living outside Colombia can support the demonstrations.

Yulieth Rincon via

“We’re going to achieve our demands together.”

Colombian labor leader Wilson Sáenz on the demonstrators’ demands, the government’s refusal to negotiate in good faith, and what it will take for the strike to come to an end.

Yulieth Rincon via

“We are at a very high level of physical and moral exhaustion.”

Colombian human rights observer Nathalie Pareja talks about the human rights violations taking place across the country right now, why the demonstrations continue, and the path ahead for Colombians.


Yulieth Rincon via

“This is a serious human rights crisis.”

An anonymous protestor in Colombia on the austerity measures causing the protests, the government’s violent crackdown, and why the strike continues despite severe repression.

DonkeyHotey on WikiCommons

Let’s Stop Chasing Joe Manchin

We’ve got to use our resources wisely, which means betting on deep, long-term, place-based organizing.

Getty Images

Imagining Liberation

The stories we’ll tell ourselves in the future


Getty Images

Work Won’t Love Us Back

A conversation with Sarah Jaffe

Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona

Call for Proposals: Youth Organizing Across the World

We are currently seeking proposals for articles for the international youth organizing issue.

The Center of the Economy Isn’t Industry, It’s Care Work

Dave Kamper talks with Gabriel Winant about his new book, The Next Shift, and the organizing potential in care work. 


Ask A Digital Organizer | How can I ethically use social media for my campaign?

How do organizers square our criticisms of Big Tech with our reliance on its platforms to build the movements we need to win?

Senate Democrats, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

Can social movements realign America’s political parties to win big change?

In claiming the goal of "realignment," groups such as Sunrise and Justice Democrats are reviving an old idea, with hopes of provoking new political transformations.



Courtesy of Heather Booth

“We Need Love at the Center”

Drew Astolfi talks with Heather Booth about her long career in organizing, how the movement has changed, and what’s giving her hope for the future.

Courtesy of David Rolf

The Fight For $15 | “Power is the end game.” Lessons from the Fight for $15.

David Rolf looks back on the last decade of organizing for a $15 minimum wage and wrestles with what it will take for the next labor upsurge to win. 


Damon Bowe

The Fight For $15 | Tipped Workers and the Fight for $15

Mat Hanson talks with Nikki Cole about why tipped workers must be a central part of the effort to raise the minimum wage.

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The Fight For $15 | One Fair Wage Is the New Era of the Restaurant Industry

As cities and states start relaxing COVID restrictions and mask mandates, tipped workers have reported a substantial decline in tips, a disturbing increase in sexual harassment, and an overwhelming responsibility to protect public health. We can’t go back to the old normal.

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The Fight For $15 | Give The People Something to Vote For

How the Florida Immigrant Coalition got out the vote to help win the Fight for $15.


The Fight For $15 | More Popular Than Trump and Biden. How $15 Won in Florida

Kofi Hunt talks about what it took to build a coalition that delivered real change for working families in Florida. 


The Fight For $15 | How Workers Won the Fight for $15 in Florida.

Starbucks worker and member organizer Sammy Conde spoke with Mat Hanson about their role in the successful Fight for $15 in Florida — and how they shifted gears to build power during the pandemic.

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The Amazon Loss & What We Owe Each Other in the Labor Movement

Bessemer is the latest, highly-visible example of one of the American labor movement’s prime weaknesses: the lack of systems or mechanisms that allow information, strategy decisions, and lessons learned to be shared across the movement.  

The Fight For $15 | A McJobs Economy

An excerpt from Poor Workers' Unions

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The Fight For $15 | The Fight for $15: Past, Present, and Future

In the months and years ahead, the movement must continue pressing for a federal minimum wage increase for all workers — and for legislation that will make it easier to build fighting unions to empower workers in the long term.

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The Fight For $15 | Fast Food Fight

The early fight to organize Detroit’s fast food workers


The All-Nite Images

The Fight For $15 | The Fight for $15

Unprecedented organizing has helped build worker power and raise wages for millions of workers over the past decade. What can we learn from the Fight for $15, and what is still left to be done?

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It’s Time for Labor to Embrace Antimonopoly

We need both movements if we are to democratize our economy and protect it from corporate power.

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Healing from Carceral Oppression

Given the legacy of women of color as the backbone for racial justice movements, it is no surprise they are leading the movement to abolish our carceral society and to collectively heal from centuries of oppression.

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Best Action Ever

Or, the Hunter Gets Captured by the Game

Schlesinger Library, Radcliffe Institute, Harvard University

Organizing 9to5

A conversation with two leaders of the 9to5 movement

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The Purpose of Power

Solana Rice talks with Alicia Garza about how our movements build power, the role of social media in organizing, and why Black communities need their own spaces to get organized. 

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An Uprising for a Democratic University in Turkey

Boğaziçi professor Taylan Acar talks about organizing for the resistance at the Turkish university — and what U.S. labor organizers can learn from their struggle. 

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Five Lessons From the Past Four Years

If campaign organizing is a series of peaks and valleys, 2021 has already brought many of us vertigo.

Library of Congress

To Build a New World

An excerpt of Seeing Like an Activist

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Healing in the Post-Trump Era Is Necessary Work

The Trump years have had a deep impact on everyone’s mental health. What has it done to those of us who had the responsibility for stopping him?

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Fighting Austerity One Voter At a Time

Lessons from the fight to tax the rich in Illinois

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After the Insurrection | “You Can’t Fight Authoritarianism With the Status Quo”

A conversation with Tarso Ramos

Tito Texidor III

After the Insurrection | Building the Movement to Defeat White Nationalism

“This fight is something we need to prepare for right now, and that's going to require us to up our game dramatically.”

Image courtesy of Makia Green

After the Insurrection | #DontRentDC. How organizers stopped white supremacists from returning to the capital.

A conversation with Makia Green

Koshu Kunii

After the Insurrection | An Abolitionist Response to White Supremacy

Abolition teaches us that a fight against “domestic terrorism” isn’t what we need.


Courtesy of Color Of Change

After the Insurrection | Seizing the moment: How progressives can combat white supremacy

A conversation with Rashad Robinson

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A Letter to a Young Organizer

There’s no getting around it. Organizing is hard. But the context you are organizing in right now? It’s a whole different thing.

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After the Insurrection | We Must Hold Wall Street & Silicon Valley Accountable for White Supremacist Violence — Before It Gets Worse.

One way we can beat back white supremacist movements is by taking on the corporations that enable them to spread their ideology, recruit followers, and plan attacks.

Photo courtesy of Pouya Najmaie

After the Insurrection | “Be in touch with your neighbors”

When white supermacists came to Minneapolis during the uprisings last summer, local organizers formed patrols to defend their neighborhoods. 

After the Insurrection | How to Combat White Power

Kathleen Belew talks about the surge in white terrorism during the Trump years and what antiracist organizers need to know to combat it.  


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After the Insurrection | A Conversation with Nancy MacLean

"The Republican party has been feeding disinformation and red meat to people for a very long time."

Cooper Baumgar

After the Insurrection | Building a United Front Against Authoritarianism

A Conversation with Lauren Jacobs

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Progressive Must Learn to Co-Govern in Biden's Washington

The historical turning point we now face imposes a profound moral obligation for progressives to immediately pursue a working coalition with moderates.

Racial and Economic Oppression is the Pandemic. Organizing is the Vaccine.

We’ve been in an oppression crisis for generations. Organizers of color can deliver the anecdote— if the rest of us support and help sustain their power.

An Invitation to Organize

A review of Arnie Graf’s Lessons Learned: Stories from a Lifetime of Organizing

A Divide on the Commons

An excerpt from Lessons Learned: Stories from a Lifetime of Organizing 

Hiring Great Organizers

Who we hire matters. When we take big, strategic bets on new organizers, we don’t just expand our talent pool; we decide who has a voice in the political process and who doesn’t.

Is There a Path to Power in Higher Ed?

Forming “one big union” is the way to meet the challenges posed by the neoliberal university. 

What the Teacher Strikes Taught Us — And What We Still Need to Learn

Mass teacher strikes took the nation by surprise in 2018 and 2019. What can we learn from the teacher strikes for the future of public schools and the labor movement in the post-pandemic world?

Brooke Anderson

Lessons from Organizing Slowly with Siblings of People with Disabilities

I’m learning that when I take up space — authentically bringing all of who I am to my organizing work — something else is possible. I’m not concealing my own power.

Let’s Make the Township and Ward Organizations More Like Movements

The Democratic Party must abandon the transactional model of organizing and create relationships that last beyond one campaign. That work should start at the township and ward level.

Ask A Digital Organizer | How do I engage new members?

Trying to up your digital game during COVID? Our columnists are here to help with all your digital dilemmas. 

Emiliano Bar

Hot Off the Press | White Feminism Promotes Mass Incarceration

A review of Aya Graber’s The Feminist War on Crime

Inside the Organizers Corner | What is Power?

Ben Chin talks with Nelini Stamp, James Haslam, Arleen Vargas, and Kendall Mackey about how their understanding of power has changed since they started organizing and what shifted their perspective.

Inside the Organizers Corner | Keeping Bottom-Up Democracy Strong

Ben Chin talks with Nelini Stamp, James Haslam, Arleen Vargas, and Kendall Mackey about how they're keeping bottom-up democracy strong as their organizations grow in size and power. 

Inside the Organizers Corner | The Ups and Downs of New Voices in the Movement

Ben Chin talks with Nelini Stamp, James Haslam, Arleen Vargas, and Kendall Mackey about the influx of white, upwardly-mobile activists in the movement during the Trump years.

Photo by Gabriel Benois

Organizing in the Age of Coronavirus | In the Time of COVID, Digital Organizing is a Must

Digital and social media are not new to campaigns, but in the time of COVID, they are more important than ever.

Photo courtesy of the author

Building Electoral Power in the Rhode Island Primaries

Even a young organization can quickly become a meaningful political player if it chooses its fights wisely.

Photo by Max Bender

For Those of Us With Privilege: It's Time to Use It

Dismantling the old and building the new requires courage and determination.  But if we all put it on the line, we can break through to the world in which we want to live.

Photo by Patrick Amoy

Ask A Digital Organizer | How do I make sure my emails get read?

Trying to up your digital game during COVID? Our columnists are here to help with all your digital dilemmas. 

We are going to lose if we don’t start canvassing

Listen to the scientists. Wear a mask, practice physical distancing, and get out into the field.

The Fight for a Caring Economy | Childcare Providers and the Fight for a Caring Economy

Childcare providers and early childhood educators in California made history when they voted to form Child Care Providers United, a new union that will represent roughly 45,000 workers across the state. In this series, we look at how they did it. 


The Fight for a Caring Economy | The Early History of Childcare Organizing in Chicago

The recent victory by 43,000 childcare providers in California is the latest in a long movement started by Black women in Chicago.


The Fight for a Caring Economy | "It’s the movement that makes a difference"

An organizer on the Child Care Providers United campaign talks about what it took to win. 

The Fight for a Caring Economy | "One provider at a time"

An organizer on the Child Care Providers United campaign talks about what it took to win. 


The Fight for a Caring Economy | "The biggest challenge is escalation"

An organizer on the Child Care Providers United campaign talks about what it took to win. 


The Fight for a Caring Economy | "There was just no accountability"

Pam Franks talks with Keith Kelleher about organizing the first childcare providers union in Illinois

Hot Off the Press | Christian Soldiers

An excerpt from Reaganland. 

"Cori is the right candidate for exactly the right time"

The lead organizer on the Cori Bush campaign talks about how the campaign coped with COVID, what they did to challenge voter suppression, and what Bush’s victory means for progressive politics in Missouri and beyond.

The Research of Organizing | Unions and Race: “I don't think we have time to be tame anymore.”

Jake Grumbach on the effects of unions on white racial politics

Image courtesy of Barbara Helmick

From Fringe to Winnable: The Campaign for DC Statehood

Long considered a long-shot local issue, DC statehood is now a winnable campaign.  Barbara Helmick tells the story of how changing the narrative allowed organizers to build the coalition they need to win. 

Clay Banks

Reclaiming Rhode Island in a Movement Moment

Bernie volunteers in Rhode Island are turning their presidential campaign operation into a statewide leftist organization. In the process, they’re learning to connect their socialist principles to the demand to Defund the Police.

Bringing Bernie 2020 Organizing Tools to the Workplace

The Emergency Workplace Organizing Committee, a project born out of a partnership between the United Electrical Workers (UE) and the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA), is taking the lessons learned from the Bernie 2020 campaign into workplace organizing.


Library of Congress

How Phyllis Schlafly Found The Right Balance of Racism and Misogyny and Charted the Future of the Radical Right

An excerpt from The Lie That Binds, a new political history of how the radical right used abortion to gain power and hijak the Republican Party. 

Organizer Voices | Lessons from the Ferguson Uprisings

Two veterans of the Ferguson uprisings talk about the promises and challenges of Ferguson, what it takes to sustain momentum in the streets, and what organizers today can learn from Ferguson.

Lessons from NYC’s Pipeline Battle

How a multi-racial coalition defeated big oil and gas companies to block the Williams Pipeline.

Hot Off the Press | Our Social Innovation Moment

Ray Brescia on what organizers can learn from past social movements about how to effectively harness new technologies to grow the movement and make lasting change.

Homeless Communities’ Land Takeovers Poke Holes in Chile’s Neoliberal “Miracle”

Sometimes a curse can be a blessing, until it becomes a curse again.

Mapping Our Movement to Go on Offense: An Interactive Tool for Common Good Organizing

The Bargaining for the Common Good (BCG) network is undertaking a new project to support activists nationwide. We are collecting and mapping as many union contract expirations as we can across the U.S. to create a powerful tool for our collective work.

A Brief History of the UNITE HERE Local 11 Remote Unemployment Insurance Mutual Aid Network

UCLA Law students partnered with UNITE HERE Local 11 to establish and run a mutual aid network with over 200 volunteers providing unemployment insurance assistance to thousands of union members. Here’s how they did it and what lessons they learned. 

Organizing in the Age of Coronavirus | Building Neighborhood Power

 L.A. City Council candidate Nithya Raman and her co-campaign manager, Meghan Choi, talk about using community organizing tactics not just to win an election but to build “resilient neighborhoods” and a people-powered government.


Black Workers Matter: How defunding police could create thousands of good jobs for Black communities

Divesting from police departments and investing in public goods like transit would improve the air quality in Black neighborhoods while creating thousands of new jobs for Black workers. 


Anything feels possible in this moment

Jae Hyun Shim on the conversations we need to have about safety, justice, and community if we want to live in a world free from the police. 


Organizing in the Age of Coronavirus | Campaigning for Progressive Changes

“I will be damned if they don't happen in my lifetime”


Organizing in the Age of Coronavirus | “We have to tax the rich”

Assembly candidate and tenants' rights attorney Adam Bojak on his fight against austerity politics, how COVID is reshaping his campaign, what he’s doing to prepare for an “avalanche of evictions.”

Organizing in the Age of Coronavirus | “It’s rare to find somebody who’s really dug in”

Emily Gallagher and her campaign manager, Andrew Epstein, talk about their NYS Assembly race and how they’ve pivoted during COVID.


Organizing in the Age of Coronavirus | "We need people that are listening"

Fatima Iqbal-Zubair and her campaign managers talk about their California State Assembly race, the campaign’s turn to mutual aid work during COVID, and how they’re building a sustainable grassroots movement

Organizer Voices | “Cops don’t keep us safe”

Cat Brooks from the Anti Police-Terror Project talks about organizing during the uprisings, what needs to be done to defund the police, and her vision for a national defund movement. 


Organizing in the Age of Coronavirus | “Electing socialist politicians expands what is possible by leaps and bounds”

Jabari Brisport and Fainan Lakha talk about their campaign, the DSA’s electoral strategy, and why we need socialists in office.


Organizer Voices | Planting the Seeds of Abolition

Organizers from the Minneapolis abolitionist collective MPD150 talk about changing the narrative to create the world we want to see.

Organizing in the Age of Coronavirus | How to Campaign in a Crisis

Tascha Van Auken talks about how she’s building a people-powered campaign during COVID-19

Organizing in the Age of Coronavirus | "This is all about bringing about justice"

Phara Soufrrant Forrest talks about how her campaign strategies have shifted during a tumultuous spring — and how she’s using her campaign to build a more just New York.


New Media and Political Power: An Interview with Brian Rosenwald

Brian Rosenwald talked with us about the Right’s success at monopolizing talk radio — and the possibilities for the Left to use new media to expand our reach 


Neoliberalism Is Over. What Comes Next? An Interview with Ganesh Sitaraman

Ganesh Sitaraman talks about the demise of neoliberalism and the urgency of fighting for — and winning — a more democratic political and economic order.

Organizing in the Age of Coronavirus | Framework: Strategy Questions for Paradigm Shifts in an Age of Crises

Moving through a long-term crisis calls us to vision the future, process tough emotions, and address immediate emergencies in the present moment, often all in the same day or hour. This tool is intended to help community-based organizations map questions for their teams to navigate these difficult and complex times.


Organizing in the Age of Coronavirus | Building Civic Power in the Covid-19 Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic is not just a public health and economic crisis. America’s worst-in-the-world outbreak reflects a crisis of democracy.

Heather Mcghee

Racism Has a Cost for Everyone

In my TED talk, I tell stories that challenge the zero-sum paradigm of racial competition. I share for the first time how it felt to watch Lehman Brothers collapse from a crisis my colleagues and I had spent nearly a decade trying to prevent. What began with discriminatory loans to Black homeowners (three times as likely to be charged inflated mortgage rates despite good credit) eventually...

Organizing in the Age of Coronavirus | Organizing in the Time of Physical Distancing

This piece was written for community organizations partnering with Community Change and aimed at helping groups manage the organizing challenges of the current moment.


Organizing in the Age of Coronavirus | Strategic Thinking in a Long Term Crisis: One Approach for Community Based Orgs

Moving through a long-term crisis calls us to vision the future, process tough emotions, and address immediate emergencies in the present moment, often all in the same day or hour. This tool was co-created to help community-based organizations map the questions that help them navigate these difficult and complex times.

Organizing in the Age of Coronavirus | Coronavirus and its Political Offspring

Veteran political strategist Mike Podhorzer brings his analytical rigor to COVID-19 and raises important questions about the political implications.


Race, Class and Coalitions

Sudip Bhattacharya digs into real-world organizing and left political theory to examine the politics of race, class and coalition building.


Organizing in the Age of Coronavirus | Moving Through Contagion Fear, Preparing for Recovery

Note:  This essay builds on a March 7, 2020 essay by Larry Kleinman entitled Organizing in a Time of Approaching Pandemic:  Campaigns and Contingency Planning Amid the Effects and Fears of Coronavirus” [1]  

Organizing in the Age of Coronavirus | Messaging Guidance on COVID-19

This guide is adapted from messaging developed with the Million Voters Project, a coalition of organizing networks in California. It draws upon previous messaging guidance from Nicole Carty and Anthony Torres.

Organizing in the Age of Coronavirus | Keeping Business Alive: The Government as Buyer of Last Resort

The coronavirus threatens the world’s economic life. Social distancing measures, essential to fight the epidemic, are sharply reducing demand in sectors such as transportation, restaurants, hotels, and entertainment.

Organizing in the Age of Coronavirus | Organizando en Medio de una pandemia inminente: Campañas y planes de contingencia en medio de Una Pandemia Inminente: los efectos y temores del Coronaviru.

Un organizador veterano nos ayuda a considerar las preguntas que surgen con respecto a organizar mientras la crisis del coronavirus sigue creciendo cada dia.

Organizing in the Age of Coronavirus | Organizing in a Time of Approaching Pandemic: Campaigns and Contingency Planning Amid the Effects and Fear of Coronavirus

A veteran organizer helps us to think through organizing questions as the coronavirus crisis grows by the day.

Organizer Voices | Building the Movement for Tax Justice

The new book by Gabriel Zucman and Emmanuel Saez, The Triumph of Injustice: How the Rich Dodge Taxes and How to Make Them Pay has just come out, and it makes a few things really clear.

Cesar Chavez

From the Archives | An Organizer’s Tale

We inaugurate the From the Archives series with a classic from Cesar Chavez.

Organizer Voices | Energy Democracy Campaigns: Building the Green New Deal from the Ground Up

The climate crisis and the fight for a Green New Deal has opened up a new conversation about energy democracy.  Three DSA organizers from different states examine the growing movement for public power in comparison and context.

Merge Left

Review in Brief | Merge Left

There’s no excuse for recycling tired phrases about “the middle class,” or simply pointing out how Trump is bad, without injecting our own values and vision into the conversation. We know that ignoring race should qualify as political malpractice. Let’s at least make new mistakes. López and his fellow researchers have given us everything we need to get started.

Medicare for all march

Organizer Voices | The Sick and the Well: Ableism is the Problem — Medicare For All is the Solution

Examining different experiences (organizing, mobilization, and otherwise), Vinay Krishnan writes about ableism and the fight for Medicare for All.


Politically Effective or Just Good at Campaigns?

A research report on capacity building in 501(c)(4) organizations and the role of leadership.

Organizer Voices | From Textathons to Black Joy: How Color of Change is Re-imagining Organizing

The idea, says Color of Change's chief of campaigns Arisha Hatch, is to center Black joy and to build face-to-face teams, which now number in the thousands, of people meeting and acting locally (and having fun together).

Hot Off the Press | The Triumph of Injustice: From Boston to Richmond

The history of taxation in the United States is anything but linear. It’s a story of dramatic reversals, of sudden ideological and political changes, of groundbreaking innovations and radical U-​turns. 

Organizer Voices | What ACORN Taught Us

It has been ten years since the community group ACORN was destroyed.  At its height, The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now was the largest community organization in the United States with chapters in over 100 cities.

Hot Off the Press | Civic Power: Reclaiming Democracy’s Radicalism

In this excerpt from the book Civic Power: Rebuilding American Democracy in an Era of Crisis, authors K. Sabeel Rahman and Hollie Russon Gilman discuss restoring American democracy and rescuing it from crisis. 

Tips for Organizing Member-Led In-District Meetings At Scale

How many times have you just about gotten to the beginning of a Congressional recess, realized you want to run an in-district legislative campaign to influence them when they’re home from Washington, but didn’t do it because you weren’t sure where to begin?

Review in Brief | Shadow Network

Anne Nelson's Shadow Network: Media, Money and the Secret Hub of the Radical Right tells a holistic story of the toxic cocktail of extremist political operatives and a right-wing evangelical base. This is the coalition that is winning our day. It is perhaps the greatest threat to our freedoms and to a progressive future and deserves our full attention.

Unite Here Protest

Organizer Voices | Ten Lessons from Twenty-Five Years in Organizing

My years as a labor organizer have been challenging, joyous, and sometimes devastating, like all organizing. Here are my "top 10" lessons.

Kavanaugh Protest

How We Fought, Lost, and Learned

What I bore witness to was not merely an announcement about a congressional process. It was seeing people’s faith in our democracy and our world shift.

Angela Lang

Organizer Voices | An Interview with Angela Lang

I felt like, if you’re organizing from a place of anger, that is not sustainable at all. I’m trying to figure out different ways to go back to organizing from a place of love.

Eyes to the Wind

Review | Seeing Through the Struggle

A review of Ady Barkan’s Eyes to the Wind.

Womens March DC

Welcome to The Forge: Organizing Strategy and Practice

I'd like to welcome you to The Forge. Let us tell you about our vision, our plan, and how to get involved.

Woman speaking at rally

Organizer Voices | "I Fight For My Family"

"I fight for my family and my neighborhood." Tyla Pond, mother of four, answered her door in Franklin, Indiana to an organizer from Hoosier Action.

Puja Datta

Organizer Voices | Puja Datta

We need to base build. We’re going to have to have mass obstruction of the economic system. We’re going to have to have mass obstruction of the information system.

ILWGU Protest

From the Archives | Organizing: A Secret History

Given the obstacles to organizing and the inability of contemporary unions to increase or even maintain their membership, understanding the history of organizing seems more important than ever.

Video | Welcome to The FORGE!

We are organizers making change in the world.  This is our story.

Cancel Kavanaugh Campaign

I’ve said that the reason that we lost is that we didn’t have the votes and that we ran out of power, but we also lost because we have electeds who are cowards. It’s not their fault, it’s ours, but our the Democrats could not even hold their entire caucus.

How to be an AntiRacist Book Cover

Review | Why Changing Minds Isn’t Activism

A book review of Ibram X. Kendi’s How to Be an Anti-Racist.

Interview with Hahrie Han

The Forge spoke to Hahrie Han, co-founder of the new Center on Democracy and Organizing and professor at Johns Hopkins University.

Woman with megaphone

The Kavanaugh Reckoning Is Only Just Beginning

One year ago this week, after a shameful process, the Senate confirmed Brett Kavanaugh.

Montage of author photos

Kavanaugh One Year Later

What we didn’t know when we started was that this fight would become a sort of reckoning about sexual violence and how power flows along gender lines in our society.

Water Protectors

Community Organizing: People Power from the Grassroots

Community organizing is not merely a process that is good for its own sake. Unless the organization wins concrete, measurable benefits for those who participate, it will not last long.

First We March, Then We Run

How A Devastating Loss Sparked An Even Greater Movement

It’s been a year since the Senate confirmed Judge Brett Kavanaugh to a lifetime position on the Supreme Court.

On Fire Book Cover

Review | The Burning Case for Fan(non)Fiction for the Climate Movement

Review of On Fire: The (Burning) Case for a Green New Deal, by Naomi Klein