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Dr. Kristee Haggins

Dr. Kristee Haggins (Pronouns: she/her) is a community healer, African-centered psychologist and professor who takes a holistic approach to healing mind, body, spirit and community. Dr. Kristee is a founding member of Safe Black Space and a trainer of Emotional Emancipation Circles (EEC). For over 25 years, she has focused on Black mental health and wellness, noting the impact of racial stress and trauma on Black bodies. Dr. Kristee teaches doctoral level courses in multicultural counseling and therapy skills, at California Northstate University, helping to develop culturally competent future psychologists. She offers consultations, trainings, and workshops to agencies and organizations on mental health and diversity issues, among other topics. Dr. Kristee provides monthly community healing circles for people of African ancestry and in 2016 she received the “Community Healing Award” from the Community Healing Network (CHN) for her collaboration with CHN and the Association of Black Psychologists.