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Building Resilient Organizations

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Building Resilient Organizations


Pick Up The Phone: Resisting Call-Out Culture

Claire Haas examines the impact of technology on organizational dynamics, particularly in generating internal conflicts, and offers practical recommendations for addressing these challenges.

Never Again Action

The Ten Components of Good Strategy

Never Again Action’s Serena Adlerstein proposes a framework for understanding strategy that aims to give organizers what they need to build more resilient, and effective, organizations.

Power 50

Power 50's Work to Transform Leadership...

Power 50 offers leadership development that addresses systemic oppression and internalized racism and sexism. The program nurtures deep relationships and interdependence, and emphasizes healing and somatics practices to support women of color leaders in their journey toward collective liberation.

Addressing Unanchored Care: An Experiment in...

The concept of "Resilient Futures" is introduced, a program designed to empower organizers and directors of Black, Brown, and Asian organizations, focusing on personal and professional well-being to sustain collective resistance.

Nuts and Bolts for Building Resilient Organizations

Organizers discuss practical ways to deal with the challenges of non-profit culture.

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How (Not) to Dismantle White Supremacy

Is the fixation on naming "white supremacy culture"  overtaking the fight against white supremacy? 


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Something Old, Something New: The Arc of...

Kim Fellner draws on her experience with the National Organizers Alliance to look at the persistence—and shifts—of the challenges movement organizations face.

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Building Better Leadership Pipelines

In “Building Resilient Organizations,” Maurice Mitchell articulates what many in the professional left have felt but are afraid to say; the once-stable ground of our movement has turned into a space with rising tensions, organizational infighting, and proxy wars that have undermined our ability to be effective.

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Understanding Sunrise: Structure & Governance

Lessons on Structure & Governance of Mass Organizations