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Government Advertising Policy Manager

Rebuild Local News


Posted: 05/17/2023



Reports to: Rebuild Local News, Director of Policy

Position Type: Full-time

Duration: Position that runs at least through April 2024

Compensation: $75,000  

Location: Remote, U.S. based

Benefits: 15 vacation days, generous health care


Application deadline: 6/3/2023 at 5:00 pm PST

Hiring Committee Interviews: 6/7 – 6/12

Start date: July 2023


Rebuild Local News is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that advances public policies to counter the collapse of local news and revitalize community journalism.  The organization runs the Rebuild Local News Coalition, which includes 30 national and state journalism organizations, charities and civic groups advocating for a stronger, more inclusive local news system. It has in the past advocated for a share of federal advertising to be targeted to local news.

The Center for Community Media, CCM serves news organizations that provide essential local coverage for populations whose voices and issues are underrepresented in mainstream media. In January 2020, CCM launched the Advertising Boost Initiative to help print and online outlets in New York City become more effective in accessing their share of city agencies’ advertising budgets. CCM serves as an information bridge between the outlets, city agencies, and advertising agencies. Today, approximately $50 million has been spent in local and community media by NYC since 2020.  

Today Rebuild Local News and the Center for Community Media are teaming up to replicate, refine and expand this work across the U.S. We seek candidates for the position of Government Advertising Policy Manager to work with local stakeholders to develop and advance proposals to channel government advertising spending into local and community media. The Government Advertising Policy Manager project is looking to get the Federal, State and City governments to spend a significant share of its advertising funds in local and community media.

Role Description:  

This person will lead the efforts for this partnership to advance proposals around the country that push more government advertising spending toward local and community news, while maintaining firewalls to safeguard editorial independence. The position will be housed at Rebuild Local News, but work closely with the Center for Community Media. It will be largely focused on efforts to sharpen and advocate policies on the state and local level, but will also do some work on the federal level. Our vision of success is to have four states or cities enact provisions to advance this model within twelve months.  The person will also be sometimes called upon to help with other Rebuild Local News projects.

The Government Advertising Policy Manager will work to: 

  • Refine, replicate, and advocate for the New York City Advertising Boost Initiative model, or appropriate variations, in other cities and states

  • Learn about, co-develop, and recommend the best models that cities and states can follow to pass legislation on government advertising spending in local and community media

  • Work with the Rebuild Local News policy director and outreach associate to prepare a how-to-do guide that provides comprehensive steps to lobby and/or advocate City and State legislators to pass such a bill

  • Manage a system of technical assistance to cities and states that want to target government advertising funding for community media

  • Do outreach to members of Congress and state legislators

  • Assist media organizations or non-profit groups working with news organizations to compile a list of their city and state advertising agencies with significant advertising budgets 

  • Work on other public policy initiatives of the Rebuild Local News Coalition


What we’re looking for:

Applicants should have knowledge of government policy development and have a deep understanding of policymaking on a city or state level. Awareness and connections to local and community media organizations is a plus, but more important is an interest in strengthening democracy by supporting local news outlets. 

A preferred candidate should have:

  • Experience working at the intersection of community/political organizing and public policy on a city, state or federal level. (i.e. policy campaigns, advocacy, policy analysis, etc.)

  • Experience working with the community or local media is a plus. 

  • Project management skills

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Public speaking and networking skills required

  • A self-driven, independent, and motivated personality is a plus

Apply here:

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