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Organizing Director



Posted: 06/1/2023


Remote, District of Columbia


  • Open until Sunday, June 18. Priority consideration given to those who have applied by June 11
  • $65,000 starting salary + will increase as org budget does + yearly increases (full salary plan)
  • PTO: 12 weeks (3 in Dec, 3 in May, 10 Summer Fridays, 10 Federal Holidays, 2 flex weeks)
    • Includes 3 months paid parental leave + 2-month sabbatical every 3 years
    • Flexible hours: 4-5 common hours each day, then set your own schedule
    • Geoflexible: Organizing Director must be based in the U.S. full time
  • Full insurance for medical, dental and vision + 401K (50% match up to $3,000)
  • Small stipends provided for professional development, work equipment, etc

Start Date: This is a full-time, permanently remote role that begins part time (10 hours/week) July 6 and goes full-time (40-45 hours/week) August 7, after a trial period to ensure the organization is best meeting the needs of the candidate, and vice versa. This time will allow for co-design based on skills and passion. The only fixed times within the first month will be 8-9pm ET Monday and Thursday to meet Organizers.

Rhizome Overview: We are a student-led, nonpartisan nonprofit launched by 90 Co-Founders in August 2021. We view schools as an untapped, sustainable source of civic power for young people and believe all youth deserve support to create a world that they want to live in. We train emerging leaders to lead actions & build a healthier future for their community. For more info see our overview, insta, impact, & website.

Mission, Vision, Model: Our mission is to activate young people’s identities into action and help youth treat civic service as the work of a lifetime. Our vision, voted on by the Student Organizers who lead our work, is to create a chain reaction of civic service while empowering young people to create the world they want to live in. Our flagship program is the Civic Service Fellowship, where emerging leaders from high schools across the country learn the first principles of community organizing, engage in identitarian reflection, and lead civic actions throughout the year. Actions include building community empowerment events around nonviolent and nonpartisan ideas they are passionate about in the fall, teaching democracy to local elementary school students in the winter, and running voter education drives in the spring.

Responsibility: The Organizing Director is responsible for three key outcomes: 1) Growth, 2) Retention, and 3) Fellows Impact. This person will manage 15-25 Regional Organizers who lead local Chapters of the Civic Service Fellowship, refine our systems, and seek to build a culture that’s more compassionate, relationship-oriented, and purposeful. Strong relationships are the highest priority, and will lead to:

  • Growth: This is done by working with Regional Organizers to ensure that each team meets their outreach goals, working with Mentors to refine our onboarding systems, and working with Civic Service Fellows to improve the support we offer as Fellows first join Rhizome.
  • Retention: This is done by coaching Regional Organizers to build strong relationships, providing support for Regional Organizers & Community Organizers to facilitate weekly Chapter Meetings, and offering safe spaces for Organizers to surface their ideas, challenges, and events in their lives.
  • Fellows Making an Impact: This is done by building resources to support actions, supporting Organizers to motivate Fellows, developing timelines to support Fellows in understanding their responsibilities, and building systems that let us more fully understand the needs of Fellows.

Other Potential Responsibilities: Some folks might find it helpful to know how much time will be spent on each task. As a new org, we’re figuring it out & don’t want to mislead by making an unfounded guess:

  • Remote work, with an exception of Rhizome retreats 2-4 times per year
  • Work carefully to co-create systems that fit Rhizome’s strategic priorities
  • Host spaces for all Organizers and Fellows to share ideas for improvements
  • Collaborate with our Director of Youth Programs to refine organizing systems
  • Track organizing stories and exchange ideas with our Communications Director
  • Create monthly trainings around the first principles of organizing and management
  • Co-facilitate weekly meetings with 65-100 Organizers each Monday at 8:00-9:00pm ET
  • Build trusting relationships with our partners, educator, and other youth-led organizations
  • Above all, co-create a culture that stays compassionate, relationship-oriented, & purposeful


Qualifications: No specific degree or type of work experience is needed. In general, candidates will:

  • Bring with them multiple of full-time organizing experience
  • Have demonstrated experience across a range of civic sandboxes
  • Show demonstrated commitment to grassroots civic engagement work


Who We’re Looking For: We are most excited about candidates who bring the following. If you do not meet all the requirements listed, we still recommend you apply. We valued lived experiences and want to build systems with people who think, move, work outside the box.

  • Asks a lot of questions, listens deeply, and gives voice to their ideas
  • Commits to building civic power for students and to bridging divides
  • Is eager to learn, brings positive energy, and excels in building systems
  • Wants their work to be interesting, collectively challenging, and rewarding
  • Believes that organizing spaces must become much more healthy and human
  • Wants to build systems that expand while continuing to center youth leadership
  • Moves dynamically and makes decisions within a faced-paced work environment
  • Is dedicated to building community power and excited to create high-impact spaces
  • Has long time horizons and a capacity for synthesizing info and understanding people


Preference will be given to candidates who:

  • Can show a commitment to youth organizing in particular
  • Know how to build scalable systems, and can show it
  • Have experience managing teams of organizers

Final Note: We know that organizing is often a more-than-full time job.  We're looking for someone who is deeply passionate about youth power and sees this as the work of a lifetime, not a moment.  Our goal is to work with you to create a role that demands energy and creativity, without creating burnout. We do not negotiate salaries, as this practice replicates unwanted power dynamics. Learn about our timeline below.


Application Process: July is part-time at ~10 hours per week. The only mandatory times will be 8-9pm ET Mondays and Thursdays in order to meet the Organizers. Otherwise, we’ll work with the Organizing Director to schedule an onboarding process that will meet their needs and is mindful of their existing commitments through July. Review this timeline carefully & plan accordingly. Dates may change slightly.


Stage 1: Initial Application


Due Date - Sunday June 18, 12pm ET. Submit your resume, essays, and personal information here.

●      1-2 page resume (remove name before submitting)

●      On one PDF document, please share 2-3 short essays

○      Why do you want this role? (100) How would you seek to empower student organizers? (300) Optional: Is there anything else that you want to share with readers? (100 words)

●      Demographic information, where you live, how you heard about this application


Applicant Status Update — Tuesday, June 20, midnight ET


Stage 2: Phone Screener


Applicants Contacted: Tuesday, June 20 - Thursday June 22


Stage 3: Performance Tasks and Reference Submissions


Performance Tasks Due —  Tuesday, June 27

●      Please block 90 minutes in advance to complete this task in case you make it to stage 3. The expected time commitment is 90 minutes and this will be completed between Friday, June 23 and Tuesday, June 27. We will provide a $100 stipend for time spent on the performance tasks:

1.     Review and revise Rhizome Organizing Plan. Please name the rationale for changes, since your thinking is what matters most here. Revisions will be 1-2 pages in length.

●      Contact Information Due For Three References — Tuesday June 27

●      If you move on to Stage 4, you’ll give a 5 minute presentation to a panel of Organizers on a topic of your choice related to organizing. Please share a paragraph summary on the topic you would like to share with the young people who lead our work.

Stage 4: Panel Interview & Reference Checks


Panel Interview & Reference Checks — Tuesday June 27 - Friday June 30

●      About 2-3 applicants will make it to stage 4.

●      Reference checks will be made by phone call.


Final Decisions Released — Monday, July 3, midnight ET -> Start part-time Thursday, July 7

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Government Advertising Policy Manager

Rebuild Local News


Posted: 05/17/2023


Remote, New York

Reports to: Rebuild Local News, Director of Policy

Position Type: Full-time

Duration: Position that runs at least through April 2024

Compensation: $75,000  

Location: Remote, U.S. based

Benefits: 15 vacation days, generous health care


Application deadline: 6/3/2023 at 5:00 pm PST

Hiring Committee Interviews: 6/7 – 6/12

Start date: July 2023


Rebuild Local News is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that advances public policies to counter the collapse of local news and revitalize community journalism.  The organization runs the Rebuild Local News Coalition, which includes 30 national and state journalism organizations, charities and civic groups advocating for a stronger, more inclusive local news system. It has in the past advocated for a share of federal advertising to be targeted to local news.

The Center for Community Media, CCM serves news organizations that provide essential local coverage for populations whose voices and issues are underrepresented in mainstream media. In January 2020, CCM launched the Advertising Boost Initiative to help print and online outlets in New York City become more effective in accessing their share of city agencies’ advertising budgets. CCM serves as an information bridge between the outlets, city agencies, and advertising agencies. Today, approximately $50 million has been spent in local and community media by NYC since 2020.  

Today Rebuild Local News and the Center for Community Media are teaming up to replicate, refine and expand this work across the U.S. We seek candidates for the position of Government Advertising Policy Manager to work with local stakeholders to develop and advance proposals to channel government advertising spending into local and community media. The Government Advertising Policy Manager project is looking to get the Federal, State and City governments to spend a significant share of its advertising funds in local and community media.

Role Description:  

This person will lead the efforts for this partnership to advance proposals around the country that push more government advertising spending toward local and community news, while maintaining firewalls to safeguard editorial independence. The position will be housed at Rebuild Local News, but work closely with the Center for Community Media. It will be largely focused on efforts to sharpen and advocate policies on the state and local level, but will also do some work on the federal level. Our vision of success is to have four states or cities enact provisions to advance this model within twelve months.  The person will also be sometimes called upon to help with other Rebuild Local News projects.

The Government Advertising Policy Manager will work to: 

  • Refine, replicate, and advocate for the New York City Advertising Boost Initiative model, or appropriate variations, in other cities and states

  • Learn about, co-develop, and recommend the best models that cities and states can follow to pass legislation on government advertising spending in local and community media

  • Work with the Rebuild Local News policy director and outreach associate to prepare a how-to-do guide that provides comprehensive steps to lobby and/or advocate City and State legislators to pass such a bill

  • Manage a system of technical assistance to cities and states that want to target government advertising funding for community media

  • Do outreach to members of Congress and state legislators

  • Assist media organizations or non-profit groups working with news organizations to compile a list of their city and state advertising agencies with significant advertising budgets 

  • Work on other public policy initiatives of the Rebuild Local News Coalition


What we’re looking for:

Applicants should have knowledge of government policy development and have a deep understanding of policymaking on a city or state level. Awareness and connections to local and community media organizations is a plus, but more important is an interest in strengthening democracy by supporting local news outlets. 

A preferred candidate should have:

  • Experience working at the intersection of community/political organizing and public policy on a city, state or federal level. (i.e. policy campaigns, advocacy, policy analysis, etc.)

  • Experience working with the community or local media is a plus. 

  • Project management skills

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Public speaking and networking skills required

  • A self-driven, independent, and motivated personality is a plus

Apply here:

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Ohio Policy & Movement Building Director

Unite for Reproductive & Gender Equity


Posted: 04/28/2023


Columbus, Ohio

Organizational Overview

URGE plays a unique and critical role as a reproductive justice organization that engages young people and catalyzes their power to fight for the ability of all people to build the families they want, access the healthcare they need, and to live and love in a way that’s true to who they are. Working with young people ages 18-30, and the leadership of young people of color, women, queer, trans, and nonbinary folks, and people of low-income, URGE provides training, field mobilization and national leadership to move policy, systemic, and cultural change.


Position Summary

URGE seeks a committed, experienced individual who is passionate about reproductive and social justice to lead our policy and movement building work in Ohio. The role of the policy department is to engage young people on issues of sexual health, reproductive justice, and gender equity, in order to help them engage national, state, and local decision makers. The policy department works closely with the field and communications teams to build and leverage political power to spur policy and culture change.

Candidates must have knowledge of and commitment to reproductive health, rights, and justice and/or social justice issues, experience with state policy advocacy, coalition building, member development, and civic engagement as well as excellent writing, analysis, and interpersonal skills. The position will be either a director depending on applicant experience.

This is a full-time position is based in Ohio with a preference for someone living in Columbus, Ohio (or surrounding area Candidates must have their own transportation to go to and from in person meetings, events, etc. both in their community and across the state. Candidates must be prepared to work from a home office with equipment provided by URGE.

This is a full-time exempt position that will report to the Policy Director.



  • Set and execute URGE’s state policy agenda for Ohio and track all relevant state legislation, litigation, and other policy developments.
  • Serve as subject matter expert on all related policy matters, including reproductive justice, LGBTQ+ liberation, and economic justice.
  • Develop and manage relationships with Ohio elected officials.
  • Develop and manage a coalition of state partners with intention, follow-through, and sensitivity to partners' needs and power dynamics.
  • Translate complex policy issues into relevant, actionable messages for URGE members.
  • Draft fact sheets, policy briefs, talking points, and other materials.
  • Coordinate closely with URGE’s Ohio field team to integrate policy/advocacy with organizing and canvassing work.
  • Coordinate closely with URGE’s communications team to amplify the voices of young people on policy issues and leverage policy moments to spur culture shift.
  • Identify opportunities to expand URGE’s presence in coalitions and with allies, raising URGE’s profile in the state.
  • Work with Director of Policy to develop short-and long-term state policy campaigns, engaging young people on policy issues related to URGE’s priority issue areas: abortion access and affordability, reproductive and sexual health and education, LGBTQ+ liberation, immigrants’ rights, and voter engagement.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Commitment to reproductive and gender justice, abortion access for all, queer and trans liberation, building young people’s political power, and dismantling white supremacy.
  • Commitment to co-creating a work environment that is just, equitable, and inclusive to all, including Black, Indigenous, and other people of color, LGBTQIA+ people, women, and people with disabilities.
  • Either a graduate degree in public policy, public health, or J.D. and 1- 3 years additional experience working in policy advocacy or movement building, or 3-5 years of experience working in policy advocacy or movement building.
  • Strong commitment to reproductive and gender justice; to the rights of all individuals to make their own decisions about sexual and reproductive health; and to government’s responsibility to defend and support those rights.
  • Knowledge of the Ohio legislative process and a commitment to working for progressive issues in “red” states.
  • Knowledge of Ohio reproductive, gender, and racial justice issues, political landscape and cultural complexity.
  • Experience working closely with communities of color, and successful track record of relationship-building with organizations led by people of color.
  • Experience and expertise organizing and working with LGBTQIA+ individuals and communities.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English.
  • Ability to juggle multiple tasks with attention to detail.
  • Flexibility and adaptability to change.
  • Ability to work well with a team, take direction and feedback, and share skills and knowledge.
  • Deep understanding of coalition development and management.
  • Strong legislative analysis skills and ability to efficiently summarize effects of proposed policy changes.
  • Willingness to identify, develop, and take on new opportunities to further URGE’s mission.
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office programs and Google Drive.
  • Comfort learning new online tools.
  • Ability to excel in a fast-paced, team-based, participatory environment as well as work autonomously. Prepared to work remotely with long-distance supervisory relationship.
  • Existing positive relationships with social justice organizations, legislators, and community leaders in Ohio strongly preferred.

Salary: $72,050 annually with excellent benefits, including health and dental coverage for staff fully paid by URGE. Because of the differences in cost of living based on location, URGE utilizes location in determining salary, among many factors.

To Apply:  Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Please state “OH Movement Building and Policy Director” on the subject line. Incomplete applications will NOT be considered. Please send a cover letter and resume to


URGE is an equal opportunity employer. Black, Indigenous and other people of color, LGBTQIA+ people, and those with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply.

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Administrative Assistant



Posted: 04/19/2023


Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Are you looking for a rewarding career at a successful, growing international organization? Are you passionate about finding new ways to improve people’s lives? If so, read on!

Hebron is seeking a detail-oriented Administrative Assistant to join our innovative, ambitious company, where we’ll give you everything you need to learn, grow, and succeed. This integral role will be responsible for keeping our office running smoothly, and our leaders on track, organized, and responsive.

If you've got what it takes to support us in our mission to help people across the world access high-quality medicine, we want to hear from you!

What We Offer

When you join Hebron, you’ll feel a part of our friendly and inclusive environment. We support each other and push boundaries to achieve incredible things, and we make a real difference to our clients and communities.

We want our people to feel valued, empowered and recognized for their contribution to the team. That’s why we’re committed to providing a competitive compensation and benefits package, including a salary of $40,000, health insurance, paid time off, and excellent opportunities for advancement.

What You’ll Do

  • Provide administrative support to leadership; coordinate and schedule travel, meetings and appointments
  • Greet and provide general support to visitors; handle telephone communications and perform front desk and general office/clerical duties
  • Coordinate meetings and events, including onsite and offsite team and company meetings; prepare agendas and schedules for meetings, take minutes and maintain records
  • Record accounts receivable and accounts payable; process invoices and follow up with clients, suppliers and partners as needed
  • Prepare correspondence and reports; track incoming and outgoing correspondence; ensure contracts and related documents are properly organized.

What You Bring

  • Education: High School diploma
  • Experience: Minimum one year in an administrative role
  • Proficient in Google Workspace, Microsoft Office Suite or related software
  • Proficient in English and Spanish; speaking in Portuguese is a plus.
  • Outstanding time management and organization skills, prioritizes attention to detail
  • Excellent interpersonal, verbal, and written communication skills
  • Excellent customer service and telephone skills
  • Excellent time management and organizational skills

Hebron is a Brazilian-based pharmaceutical company specializing in Pediatrics, Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology, and Gynecology. The company develops 40 products, including pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and functional foods, through innovative research and the production of raw materials. With a focus on quality and innovation, Hebron is a key player in the pharmaceutical industry, both in Brazil and internationally.

Apply Here:

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Regional Organizer, East Coast U.S.

Mercy For Animals


Posted: 04/4/2023


Remote, California
Mercy For Animals aims to end industrial animal agriculture by constructing a just and sustainable food system. We envision a world where animals are respected, protected, and free.
As a leading farmed animal advocacy organization, we know that achieving this goal requires a diverse, inclusive, and collaborative work environment—one that welcomes and sparks new perspectives and innovative ideas. If you are passionate about our mission, driven to make a big impact for animals, and eager to be part of a dedicated team, join us!
We currently seek a regional organizer, East Coast U.S., to join our organizing team. In this role you will help grow Mercy For Animals’ organizing program in the U.S. and Canada region and increase the movement’s capacity through regional community building, leadership development, and action initiatives. This includes recruiting and training volunteers, organizing online and offline events, assisting with the coordination of the organizing internship program, and supporting the U.S. and Canada organizing team both regionally and nationally.
You will do invaluable work:
  • Grow the Mercy For Animals volunteer network by recruiting, training, and coaching volunteers to engage in distributed hubs across the East Coast region
  • Support the engagement and action of distributed volunteer hubs through developing and providing materials, resources, and tools; conducting one-on-one meetings with volunteers and hub leaders; and collecting and implementing feedback from hubs
  • Develop Mercy For Animals’ volunteer base by engaging and motivating prospective, new, and existing volunteers to take action, including identifying and coaching hub leaders
  • Support hubs in organizing events, including those focused on recruitment, trainings, gatherings, and collective action, to advance Mercy For Animals’ campaigns and local hub initiatives
  • Communicate regularly with volunteers, volunteer hub leaders, and other strategic partners through a variety of channels and establish strong working relationships that advance organizing and campaign initiatives
  • Manage and co-create efficient organizing systems and materials, including engagement platforms, communication systems, volunteer records, and supply inventory
  • Work closely with the organizing manager for the United States and Canada and other Mercy For Animals team members to support cross-departmental volunteer recruitment, placement, and engagement
  • Co-lead the organizing internship program
  • Adhere to all organizational policies and procedures
  • Perform any other duties assigned by your team leader
Your qualifications will take our organizing team to the next level:
  • Minimum of one to two years’ experience in organizing and leading volunteer efforts, preferably in the animal protection movement (volunteer experience considered)
  • Experience in campaigning, training design and facilitation, coalition building, or media engagement a plus (volunteer experience considered)
  • Strong interpersonal skills, with a deep enthusiasm for building relationships and empowering and motivating diverse groups of people
  • Excellent written and spoken communication skills (public-speaking experience a plus)
  • Strategic and analytical thinking and a deep commitment to experimentation, feedback, and improvement
  • Creative problem-solving skills, with an interest in process and workflow improvement and a solutions-oriented mindset
  • Strong project-management skills, including attention to detail and organizational skills to meet competing deadlines, independently and collaboratively
  • Comfort learning and using new tools and systems, including Salesforce, Pardot, Zoom, Asana, Slack, and social media (experience with these tools a plus)
  • Willingness and ability to travel as needed and work flexible hours, including occasional nights and weekends (estimated travel two to three times per year discussed in the interview process)
  • Fluency in Spanish a plus
  • Commitment to the mission and values of Mercy For Animals and comfort with pressure campaigns focused on animal welfare and campaigns concerning legislation, public policy, and accessibility of plant-based foods
  • Commitment to continued personal, organizational, and movement-wide growth in diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice principles
About Your Team Leader
Your team leader, Shayna (she/her), is the director of organizing for the United States and Canada. She volunteered with Mercy For Animals before coming on full time in 2016. Her early experiences as a volunteer taught her the importance of meeting people where they are and leading with compassion. She believes people are our greatest power and organizing is critical to achieving our mission and vision. Shayna strongly
values a growth mindset, open communication, teamwork, and a solutions orientation. Outside Mercy For Animals, she enjoys reading; listening to audiobooks; trying to keep her many plants alive; engaging in anything competitive; and spending time outdoors with her chihuahua, Marchesa.
Compensation and Benefits
Earn an annual salary of $54,748–$62,276 (paid hourly), depending on qualifications, and enjoy a commute-free life as a remote team member. In addition to a collaborative and innovative work environment, you will be able to take part in our benefits package, including no- or low-cost health, vision, and dental insurance; generous paid time off and sick leave; and a 401(k) retirement plan, with a dollar-to-dollar employer match of up to 3 percent of your annual salary.
Application Details
We consider traditional and nontraditional qualifications and carefully review each application, resume, and cover letter. Feel encouraged to go outside a traditional cover letter and state how you would add to our culture; what we would gain from having you on our team; and how you align with our organizational vision, mission, and values.
Our Commitment to You
Mercy For Animals is a globally minded organization. We are committed to the principles of equity and justice, and our culture celebrates authenticity—enabling every team member to shine. All employment decisions are based solely on individual qualifications, job needs, and job requirements, and potential team members of every color, orientation, age, gender, origin, veteran status, and ability are encouraged to
apply. We strive to include candidates from historically marginalized communities and those from or in communities impacted by environmental, social, and economic injustice.
Come as you are, and help us transform our society and construct a truly compassionate food system.
By submitting your information, you are indicating that you have read our Privacy Policy and accept its terms.
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Domestic Violence Community Engagement Specialist

Lutheran Settlement House


Posted: 03/30/2023


Philadelphia , Pennsylvania

Overview: Lutheran Settlement House (LSH), a nonprofit organization in Philadelphia, is seeking a Domestic Violence (DV) Community Engagement Specialist to develop and implement community engagement initiatives to raise awareness about DV and engage community members in prevention and intervention efforts. The DV Community Engagement Specialist will be responsible for facilitating trainings and workshops on DV and related topics, and developing and implementing community outreach and engagement strategies with community partners and capacity-building programs working to end DV.  


Awareness - Develop and implement strategies to raise awareness of DV and its impact on individuals, families, and communities. 

  • Conduct community presentations and trainings on DV and related topics, including the 40-hour DV Advocate Training. 
  • Develop and distribute informational materials such as brochures, flyers, and posters at outreach events. 
  • Engage with local media to promote awareness and education around DV. 

Mobilization - Build relationships and networks to mobilize community members to take action against DV through a combination of training and organizing. 

  • Develop partnerships with community organizations, faith groups, and other stakeholders on issues related to DV. 
  • Organize community events and activities to promote awareness and mobilization about DV. 
  • Facilitate trainings and workshops for diverse groups on how to recognize and respond to DV. 

Advocacy and Organizing – Train and organize communities to develop strategies that support survivors and prevent DV. 

  • Support advocacy and organizing campaigns to promote policies and practices that address DV. 
  • Participate in community coalitions and task forces on DV prevention and related issues. 
  • Provide technical assistance to community members and organizations on advocacy strategies and tactics. 

Social Change - Build community capacity to promote social change and cultural transformation around DV. 

  • Collaborate with the Teen Dating Violence Specialist on Summer STAR (Students Talking About Relationships), a 6 week long intensive paid service-learning program for youth to learn about healthy relationships and social justice.  
  • Build and support the leadership of LSH’s Survivors Network, a network that provides opportunities for previous LSH clients to develop leadership and advocacy skills to further their personal goals in the movement. 
  • Build and Support the Leadership of LSH’s Masculinity Action Project—an initiative that works to organize men and people who identify with masculinity into local gender justice initiatives.  


  • Prior experience in community engagement/organizing, workshop design and facilitation, or DV prevention is preferred. 
  • Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate effectively with a wide range of audiences. 
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team. 
  • Strong organizational and time management skills. 
  • Commitment to advocating for social justice issues. 
  • Completion of a state mandated 40-hour DV training and 5 hours of double staffing is required; can be completed upon hiring. 

 The DV Community Engagement Specialist will report to the Community Education Supervisor and work closely with other members of the community education team. This position may require working non-traditional work to accommodate community events and activities. Like all our team members, this position will be trained to answer the DV hotline and support with walk-in counseling and support, as we are all asked to support with direct service as needed. We value diversity and aim to have our staff diversity mirror our client population. We strongly encourage BIPOC applicants and other diverse backgrounds to apply.

To Apply:

Please send your resume and cover letter to

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Executive Director

The Fine Chocolate Industry Association


Posted: 03/29/2023


Remote, Virginia

The Fine Chocolate Industry Association (FCIA) is looking for an independent contractor to serve as its Executive Director. We are a non-profit trade association representing the fine chocolate industry with a mission to promote quality, innovations, ethical sourcing, and bestpractices in the fine chocolate  industry from tree to bar and bonbon.

About the Position:

As the Executive Director you will be responsible for driving the organization’s strategic and operational direction with input from the Board of Directors. You will ensure our fiscal sustainability by growing membership and by identifying and delivering programs that are valuable to members while operating within our budget. Programs may include in-person and online events, group buying/discount programs, social media support or other ideas you develop. You will be the voice of the organization to the media. This is a virtual, part-time contractor position with a monthly retainer not to exceed $5,000. You will be responsible for determining when, where and how you carry out the work, and you are responsible for the method, manner and means of delivering the final product or result.

Job Functions:

  • Provide strategic and operational direction for FCIA
  • Recruit new members and provide membership support services
  • Seek additional revenue sources
  • Work with Finance Manager to draft budget and update Board on finances
  • Set up member committees, ensure they meet regularly and facilitate bi-annual committee head meetings
  • Lead weekly staff meetings via teleconference/webinar
  • Attend monthly Board of Directors meetings (virtually)
  • Oversee FCIA and Make Mine Fine websites
  • Manage webinars in partnership with Manager of Marketing/PR Events
  • Participate on board and committee calls as time permits
  • Participate on calls and oversee reporting for MOCCA project
  • Oversee FCIA conference
  • Hold 2 membership assembly meetings per year
  • Provide social media strategic direction and oversight
  • Compose and send electronic communication to members, as needed
  • Develop communication plan in conjunction with the Board of Directors
  • Develop partnership opportunities to amplify and expand FCIA’s reach


  • Community/membership organizing experience
  • Ability to create a vision, articulate it to members and successfully implement the vision
  • Strong relationship-building skills
  • Experience managing budgets and finances
  • Some industry knowledge of cacao and chocolate
  • Strong organization skills
  • Articulate and thoughtful communicator with media experience
  • Ability to coordinate the work of other independent contractors 
  • Ability to multitask and prioritize from a large list of deliverables
  • Ability to manage the expectations of many constituencies
  • Takes initiative to get the right things done
  • Determined, innovative and frugal operator
  • Experience growing a membership organization preferred


How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying for this role, please submit your CV and a cover letter to FCIA Board President, Lauren Adler, at

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Field Director



Posted: 03/28/2023


New York , New York


HeadCount sits at the intersection of culture and civic engagement. We have a nearly 20-year track record of registering and turning out voters, both online and at live music events (primarily concert tours and festivals). Our key partners include Harry Styles, Lizzo, Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande, Dead & Company and Dave Matthews, as well as Spotify, Global Citizen and Paramount.


Title: Field Director

Reports to: Senior Director of Programming and Strategy

Location: New York

FLSA Status: Exempt

Salary Range: $78,000 to $90,000

Send Applications to:

If you’re an experienced field organizer who also loves music and democracy, this may be the job for you. HeadCount is the leading grassroots organization running voter registration drives at events, including over 1,000 concerts and festivals each year. You’ll oversee an operation that includes thousands of volunteers all working toward the same goal — helping their peers register and vote.


The Field Director oversees HeadCount’s field operations across the country. This includes leading volunteer recruitment efforts, actively supporting our volunteers leadership team and creating systems that lead to successful results. The Field Director also is responsible for ensuringncompliance with nationwide voter registration laws and regulations via event tracking and in-office processing.


  • Lead and organize monthly calls for volunteer leadership, advisors and grassroots partners
  • Organize and lead HeadCount volunteer committees aimed at advancing diversity and inclusion in the organization
  • Management of HeadCount Field Fellows program to develop new organizers and foster and sustain relationships with community organizations
  • Disseminate key information and trainings to a nationwide network of volunteer leaders
  • Recruit, train and develop nationwide network of grassroots volunteers
  • Work across departments to take a holistic view of the entire field campaign, filling gaps where they arise and elevating the quality of experience for all
  • Provide regular, data driven impact reports to highlight successes and challenges in the field
  • Be on call to problem solve and troubleshoot issues at events
  • Ensure compliance in execution of HeadCount’s voter registration processing procedures, while investigating and finding actionable explanations for any instances where registrants do not end up on the voter rolls
  • Manage on-site festival activations and represent HeadCount in the field as needed


  • Be a champion of diversity and inclusion in all aspects of our field campaign, including volunteer recruitment and staffing
  • Communicate with all members of the volunteer ecosystem in a timely manner
  • Support and build relationships with volunteer leaders on an individual basis
  • Be a strategic and collaborative team player, always looking for ways to foster better results
  • Be consistently nonpartisan at a time of extreme political polarization


  • 3+ years of experience at nonprofit organizations, campaign or a related field involving grassroots mobilization, peer to peer organizing or volunteer interactions
  • Great people skills to manage various types of personalities
  • Ability to work both autonomously and be collaborative
  • Ability to problem-solve in a timely manner and be solutions-oriented
  • Excellent communication (oral and written)
  • Highly analytical thinker
  • Highly driven and results-oriented work ethic
  • Ability to rent and drive a van or other large vehicle to and from events nationwide


While performing the responsibilities of this job, the employee is required to travel to and from event sites, load and unload canopy tents, tables, other large display items, a trunk filled with clipboards, voter registration forms and accompanying materials. The employee may need to assist with large packing and unpacking projects to send similar items to events through the New York office. Dollies, carts and wagons and other equipment will be provided to move large loads. The employee is required to exchange accurate information, detect/identify documents and the information contained in them, move between areas in and out of the office to complete their role.The employee may need to move various equipment including a computer to their work location. Lift at least 40 lbs.

HeadCount is a proud Equal Opportunity Employer and is committed to embracing diversity and inclusion in our hiring practices. We celebrate all cultures, backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences, and know that we are better together.

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Organizing and Partnerships Director

Partners for Dignity and Rights


Posted: 03/27/2023


New York or Remote, New York
Partners for Dignity & Rights partners with grassroots community organizations to build, implement and spread community-led solutions that dismantle systems of oppression and deepen multiracial democracy. Working in a participatory way and guided by human rights principles, our work is accountable to our grassroots partners and their leadership. Through our collaborations, Partners for Dignity & Rights gives national impact to local actions by developing replicable and scalable models and building power around a vision for cross-systems change that centers people’s lived experiences, bridges issues and communities, and shifts narratives and debates.
Reporting to P4DR’s Co-Executive Director and collaborating closely with other program staff and external partners and allies, the Partnerships Director will strengthen our partners’ campaigns through one-on-one support and facilitating learning communities, and help build alignment across national spaces, including around issues of housing and equitable development, healthcare, worker-powered enforcement, co-governance and others. The Partnership Director will be responsible for building and maintaining grassroots partnerships and facilitating translocal exchange designed to share best practices, sharpen power analysis, support
experimentation with bold strategies, and explore collective strategies for generating momentum and support for grassroots solutions.


The position may be based in P4DR’s office located in New York City or remotely. Some travel to events and partner organizations around the country will be required.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities
  • Build and deepen relationships with the staff and key leaders of our grassroots partner organizations, coalition partners, and emerging movement allies
  • Support the development of partners' local and national organizing strategies includingstrengthening and scaling base-building and  leadership development programs.
  • Work with those partners and allies in building alignment for a multiracial economic democracy grounded in strengthening public goods, racial and gender equity, and power for marginalized communities
  • Co-coordinate learning cohorts consisting of grassroots partners, allies, and other stakeholders, including identifying needs and challenges for cohorts to strategize around, organizing meetings (in-person or virtual), developing and leading trainings, etc.
  • Assist in the coordination and execution of local and national events, including but not limited to, trans-local strategy meetings, regional convenings, national convenings, and trainings.
  • Support other P4DR staff to develop, evaluate, and adapt research and strategies for advancing P4DR projects.
  • Collaborate with co-workers on organizational development, fundraising, communications.
  • Strong commitment to and familiarity with the intersection of social and economic justice, with familiarity with housing or workers’ rights policy a plus.
  • 5+ years of organizing experience, working on grassroots campaigns on the local and/or statewide level, or comparable.
  • Experience developing political education and/or facilitating trainings
  • Strong communication skills.
  • Detail-oriented with strong organizational skills.
  • Ability to work independently and juggle multiple projects and priorities.
  • Ability and flexibility to travel 6-8 times per year.
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Office and Google applications
  • Comfort working in a relatively flat, non-hierarchical organization, including participating in consensus decision-making
  • Ability to fluently communicate in Spanish is a plus

Partners for Dignity & Rights is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We strongly encourage people of color, LGBTQ+ individuals, people with disabilities, and individuals from other historically underrepresented groups to apply.

Salary and Benefits
The salary for this position is $79,825 a year. Benefits include: full health insurance, vision and dental insurance for staff (as well as partners and children); annual 2% COLA increase, an additional $4,000 to reimburse any medical costs not covered by insurance; additional needs-based benefits that may be added to salary where applicable (such as dependent and childcare benefits, ranging from $3,750 to $15,000 a year for up to three dependents and not to exceed $30,000 total, and student loan or education expense benefits up to $3,600 a year); a Simple IRA retirement plan; 20 paid vacation days, 14 sick days and 6 personal days annually; half-day Fridays, the last week of December off and federal holidays off.
How to Apply
Please email your cover letter and resume to by May 1, 2023. Projected start date is June 1, 2023 (negotiable).
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Worker Organizer

Make the Road Connecticut


Posted: 03/27/2023


Hartford, Connecticut

Make the Road Connecticut is a statewide organization that builds the power of immigrants and low-income Latinx in Hartford and Bridgeport to achieve dignity and justice. We do this by community organizing, legal and survival services, transformative education, and policy innovation. We tackle the issues that directly impact our communities of color: immigration reform, economic justice, education equity, womxn’s justice and youth justice. Make the Road Connecticut is a project of Make the Road States Inc.


Make the Road Action (MRA), a 501(c)(4) organization is committed to building power for justice in immigrant and low-income working-class communities of color. MRA operates in five states - New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Nevada, and Pennsylvania. We work to create social change, connect voters to the candidates and issues that are most important to them, and work hands-on in a fast-paced environment to create long-term impact in the communities that need it most.


Key Responsibilities but not limited to:

  • Engaging, mobilizing and organizing workers to build the movement for predictable scheduling, a fair wage and worker justice.

  • Identifying, recruiting and developing workers; communicating a vision of change and a plan to win; organizing workers to overcome opposition and fight to win

  • Building an active membership of low-wage workers within and across employers, through which workers develop into leaders through education, training, and action.

  • Conducting broad and intensive outreach efforts to non-union workers, individual and group meetings with workers to move organizing campaigns forward.

  • Identifying, recruiting, and developing worker leaders. Building one-on-one relationships with workers.

  • Planning and carrying out actions and events to support worker organizing efforts

  • Execute campaign plans designed to mobilize working families around the most urgent workplace and worker justice issues in our state.

  • Conduct outreach at warehouses, temp agencies and other workplaces.

  • Engage the broader community and expand build the base for the worker committee's base with popular education.

  • Support the implementation and recruitment efforts to grow our membership based throughout the state.

  • Provide support and participation for organization-wide and national campaigns, civic engagement initiatives and other events.

  • Will be part of the organizing team and will work to meet goals for; team events, actions or various activities that will move the organizational vision forward and make a positive impact on the organizational health.



  • Eligible to work in the US;

  • Required to be fully vaccinated with COVID-19 vaccine prior to employment at MRCT/MRStates.

  • A minimum of 1 year of experience organizing or a member leader with a membership-based organizing group and a proven track record organizing in immigrant, Latinx, and black communities;

  • Demonstrated commitment to social justice, community organizing, leadership development and the elevation of directly impacted and marginalized people to create change;

  • Driver’s license and vehicle is required;

  • Be open to working evenings and weekends;

  • Excellent organizational skills and good attention to detail;

  • Ability to manage simultaneous projects in a fast-paced environment at a growing organization;

  • A high level of self-motivation and a proven ability to work independently as well as collaboratively;

  • Bilingual- English and Spanish is a necessity for this position;

  • Required to work from the Hartford office and field work.


Job Competencies:

  • Be proficient in MS Office Suite, particularly with Word, Excel and PowerPoint

  • Belief that community organizing is a powerful and effective tool to make change;

  • Possess excellent written and interpersonal communication skills

  • Be highly reflective and able to offer and receive feedback on a regular basis

  • Demonstrate a high degree of discretion dealing with confidential information


Salary and Benefits:

Starting salary is based on a scale set by a democratically-elected personnel committee and will depend on factors such as experience and education. MRStates offers an excellent benefit package including health insurance, 401K, and generous paid vacation, sick, personal days. The salary range for this position is from $18.14 to $20.00.


How to Apply:

Please attach a cover letter/resume and submit all documents to the Make the Road New States career center. MRStates is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to a diverse staff. Women, LGBTQ, people with disabilities and people of color are strongly encouraged to apply. All qualified applicants will be afforded equal employment opportunities without discrimination because of race, creed, color, national origin, sex, age, genetic information, disability or marital status.

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